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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Butt Focused

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

#Tied_Up_Tuesday, folks! We're definitely going to be getting our fair share of #DiD-ness this week, eh? Got a theme! Need a clue? I hope not. Pretty obvious. There are plenty of ways a DiD moment can highlight a Damsel's.... assets, and for #TuT this week, we are gonna dive in and praise some artwork and their artists for not leaving these moments behind. With that said, let's get into it!

This OC is hot. Made by BlackProf, LoZ just decided to 'borrow' her for a spell. No one is complaining so let's just enjoy the view!

Well, speaking of BlackProf, here we have an artwork of theirs including a dominant woman getting her dues. From my understanding, it's BoundJana's OC. Definitely do NOT mind some spanking, that's for sure.

When you're getting roughed up that bad, I'm sure some part of that answer is a yes, the other is a no. But Harley's case, I'm sure it's mostly yes and a very small 'no'. But yeah, that's a good spot to be in when wanting to grope someone's lovely rear and Harley is not slacking when it comes to the backside, for sure!

Guaky is almost always an easy artist to find some good booty shots and DiD. With the popularity of Zelda's new game, how dare we NOT get a Zeld booty pic this week? And believe me, it's RIGHT in front! That ring-gag and the spot that Zeld finds herself in is rather... juicy. I'm sure she's getting her thirst quenched.

Speaking of thirst and quenching it, how about a water peril from Sleepy-Comics who does nothing but great (in?)justice to the Senshis? And while the rear end isn't the main focus, the way he drew it as a side focus and... the roundness. Yeah. Had to include!

There's one cardinal sin with this DiD pic: NO GAG?! And she's a Kunoichi! Ya gotta gag her! BUT, yes, butt! It's a Kunoichi tied up in display with her backside in full display for anyone who wants to view.

This pic has a nice story. It ends with the pic I highlighted since it has a lot to do with the theme of this TuT, but let's not ignore the taut rope highlighting the damsel's cheeks! Adding that on definitely adds more value to this overall post!

Ah, Wonder Woman. The Queen of comic book Damsel. Equipped with her own DiD gear that compels her to do anything. A good strappado will definitely compel her to share her lovely backside. kmkbdsm definitely knows how to make sure our DC gals are reliving and remixing their DiD-ness, that's for sure!

And let's add in another one of kmk's work with Barbara showing off her bat buns. Quite a pacakge if you ask me!

Well, that's about this week! Going to try more unique themes as the weeks go by this year! Sure y'all won't mind!

Until Next Time!

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