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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Foot Fetish

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Got another theme for #TuT this week! If the cover art ain't obvious, don't know what to tell ya. Do I have a foot fetish then? No, but I don't shy away from the idea of it. Feet and bondage are almost synonymous for sure so let's get into this, shall we?

Let's start with something that involves .... tickling a witch! Sypha definitely needs more time in the spotlight. Ever since her Netflix shenanigans, she's gotten herself a high place on the Damsel roster lineup. SO yes, let's tickle those feet, shall we?

Ah! Tsinji makes no effort to hide the fact that he's definitely into feet. It's definitely front and center for this picture. And who better to put in a sinking scenario than Lara with her dive suit, right? Don't know, Ms. Croft. Should be less interested in getting your big toes free and focus on maybe your arms? Fantastic piece, for sure!

While feet aren't exactly up-front and center, one cannot deny that it's a feature within this render. What I love the most from this render is that the toes are very expressive, which just shows more dynamic for a pose that forces them immobile! As of this moment, I have ZERO idea who these characters are by the way, but that doesn't matter.

Kusujinn is another artist that focuses heavily on feet. In fact, I can make weeks and weeks of Foot-themed TuT just in his gallery alone. But I wanted to get this one just cause it's a hint of footsies with a sock gag!

One, I think I already posted this on a previous #TuT? Two, I know, another Kusujinn. But as I said, I could've made an entire post about his preference! That and Lois is just dramatically sexy as a DiD. Especially in her Superman TAS look.

A Genshin Gal was way overdue some time ago, wasn't she? And with variations to boot for Yae Miko! She's definitely susceptible to barefoot bondage since she wears that flimsy footwear. Tickled, vibed, and gagged with her stockings... great piece for sure!

And what is a foot-based TuT without adding in Lostonezero!? Basically an artist that has gained legendary status with all his contribution to the #DiD community! It's definitely quite obvious that his preference comes with a foot fetish and Loz is synonymous with it--just as much as Kusujinn and Tsinji. I am definitely complaining either since he has done plenty of variants with footwear (or lack of) and sometimes he manages to add another character/s in there just to make the pic that much sweeter. His work on Lady D definitely gets a lot of consideration and love! Yes, Lady D still has fame despite her initial craze is pretty much dead. With Resident Evil remakes and CG movies still going strong, I do believe that we have some goodies lying around by a simple search on DeviantArt and/or Google. Go figure.

Believe me, Loz had given the Resident Evil gals some love! Ashely and Lady D can't get a break from him!

Well, I'm sure there are PLENTY out there to really put more.... legs into this blog, that's for sure. But gotta stop somewhere, right?

Until Next Time!

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