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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Anthro-Gals

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Or better yet, look at the cats that got dragged in! So what can we say about the pic that might be telling of this week's theme? We're going with furries this time around, and I am aware that term has a wide variety so I'm just going to post pics with bipedal and anthropomorphic hotties who are bound, gagged, and most likely in distressed. #Tied_Up_Tuesday is going to be very unique this week! Well, enough talking! Let's get to it!

I often see this gal with her 'GAG ME' shirt on--asking and wanting to be in distress. The one thing about canine-like damsels, their snouts makes for some really unique gags so this damsel DEFINITELY gets a gag in some out-of-the-norm looking ones. Least she loves it, eh?

I vaguely remember Minerva Mink but when I see a #DiD pic of her, I'm definitely down for it! With cartoon rigging and gagging, it definitely fits the damsel's roots, right? With all that said, all that sexiness definitely has its (dis)advantages, right?

Gadget! Confession! She was my first furry crush. Way back when during the Rescue Rangers days, she's definitely a tiny little damsel that fits the mold that's for sure. She had a few DiD moments in the show though some had her with the guys--and being as she's the token mouse-gal, it's not the best moments. But just hone in on Gadget and we're all good!

Honestly, I didn't watch Swat Kats--it definitely fits the genre where we get damsels and we are waiting for their anthropomorphic heroes to rescue them (you can go to heck, Street Sharks, for breaking that trend!). While TMNT get April and Biker Mice from Mars get Charley, Swat Kats get the sexy feline reporter, Callie. As hot as she is, she ain't that hot to withstand a lava peril. Though trust me, the notion gets even hot with her in that situation, doesn't it?

Carmelita Fox! This gal got a really good DiD moment BUT it didn't last long enough. Luckily, the community deviants like BoundLightning, are willing to spice it up and tighten things a bit more. More ropes--check! Better ropework--check! A sexualized position--check! A crotch rope--CHECK! Tighter gag--check! Yep! This one is a win. Carmelita is also quite a damsel so this one is for sure a win.

I mean, this gal definitely deserves some more attention from the community, right? Also, Liganometry really knows how to put the spin on a scene that was great but needed more time in the oven! And Carmelita definitely doesn't need to be free any time soon. Sheesh! That's just great, ain't it? The variant 'rope gag' really does take advantage of her snout and keeps the theme within rope aesthetics. I love it. Check out that deviant's channel for more variations and some more awesome work with other DiD from the omniverse! Awesome stuff! Another one that checks the boxes!

Jamo_Art makes another appearence here. And yes, the captive definitely owns her captive, no questions asked. Mathilda is definitely captured and she's not going anywhere. Definitely a unique looking character who is also given an extra sexiness by constantly being in bondage. I'm not complaining even if she is.

Not complaining one bit! Just check out her kidnapping by Cordelia and her DiD moment with Scarlett (the fox from above)

Closing it with a classic Furry Damsel, Sally from Sonic. And the closing artist is none other than JamoArt once more. Deviant's been featured enough times. WIth that said, this picture is definitely quite good. Giving Sally a cowgirl outfit is something I didn't think I'd really want. This is definitely perfect. Keep stoming, Sally. You've got time to groan and moan!

Well another week with a theme and this one is definitely unique. Some of these gals are classic in my experience so not only was I able to touch base on a sub-DiD genre that I don't highlight too often, this week we're also looking at Gadget and Sally--gals from my first landing on DiD fetish land. Another successful week!

Until Next Time!

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