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Commission: A'rlenxH'naka

Another #commission for 2021~ And it's pretty easy to see that this is none other than the amazing Llythium-Art! Of course I was going to work with her again this year! I just adore her art and, she, despite not openly admitting it, LOVES my Miqo'te, A'rlen Sirushi! At least I'm positive she does! Well, with that said, this commission is once again Llyth's traditional "commission sketch" so they have a lot of 'moving' parts! Let's get right to them, shall we?

Clearly it's not just A'rlen this time. The cutest WoL is accompanied by another very cute WoL from the world of Balmung. This said character is the OC of my good friend Chrissie (someone who has had made some appearances in my blog before) whose name is H'naka Yuu! And yes, she's also a Miqo'te.

They're catgirls so of course they'll purr!

H'naka couldn't be anymore opposite from A'rlen if she tried. She's far less vocal, she's quite adept in magic, she's definitely a bit more capable than she lets off, and she's intellectually sound. She's also far more friendly than A'rlen. But that doesn't mean they can't get along. In fact, they get along quite well!

Doman ropework for sure.

And, of course, the two get into some serious trouble Judging by the rope works, it's a bit more eastern. Must go in line with A'rlen's debacles with Yotsuyu (Part I, Part II), eh? Poor Naka, must be A'rlen's fault they got in this mess!

This is once again Llyth's magic working. For the first 'head sketch', I asked her to just draw them based on the knowledge of the Miqos' personalities and she did an immaculate job! Definitely the two's contrasting personalities are glowing!

ANDDD.... they get a more humiliating gag. Something tells me that A'rlen's mouthy self got them here. Can't stay quiet even when gagged.

And now let's look at the colored version! Despite it being 'flat' colors, Llyth does such a fantastic job!

A'rlen's casual Dragoon outfit (Dragoon III) just looks damn good under Llyth's care! Also look at the spear! She may hate drawing complicating weapons, but Llyth's so damn good at it!

Now Llyth has drawn H'naka before (not under my commission request) so it's no surprise that she's very familiar with this cute WoL from Balmung! Even in aesthetics, she's contrasts A'rlen quite well. I'm sure Llyth enjoyed drawing Law's Order Rapier!

BONUS! Yes! A'rlen (Rikku) and H'naka's (Lulu) minions got into the moment! And it seems like a Moogle is responsible! A Moogle minion too!

Once again, what else is to be said? This is another hit from Llyth and her line up from this year's commission was already solid! Please, you all need to do yourselves a favor and commission her! She's so great!

Until Next Time!

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