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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) III

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Well, it's that time again! Another showcasing for one of A'rlen's Dragoon outfit. Now, unlike the other two, this one is a bit less armored and more on the elegant side. A bit sexy too if you ask me. Let's look at it!


Fancy looking. This outfit is mostly on the top's aesthetics (Neo-Ishgardian Top of Maiming); of course she has some gloves and belt to give some defense. The shoes is glammed to look like the Lominsa officer boots and she wears any headpiece that gives a good defensive properties but it i s glammed to Red Dahlia Corsage. The top, is of course, dyed ruby red to give it the A'rlen style.

And a hole for the tail, of course!

The long skirt, I adore because it's not symmetrical. Right sight it's very long but on the left, there is a huge cut that allows for some stylish boots to show. Of course, A'rlen is wearing thigh high boots that is just sexy.

Here is A'rlen with some action shots or what not. Just the Miqo'te having fun in her Dragoon Dress.

For a little while, A'rlen was using Pike of the Demon with this outfit but eventually when I started the Resistance storyline, I glammed her spear to look like the 3rd phase: Law Order Spear.

Have to spend time with Estinien, of course.

And no, that ain't Disneyland.

And don't be looking under there, you perves!

So all in all, I think this a keeper. At least, for a LONG while until Endwalker comes out with more dresses that would fit A'rlen in a way that is both sexy and still powerful. This dress is, more or less, what A'rlen uses to walk around town while still being in her Dragoon skin. I love it. Will probably #commission her in this for sure.

Until Next Time!

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