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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) III

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Well, it's that time again! Another showcasing for one of A'rlen's Dragoon outfits. Now, unlike the other two, this one is a bit less armored and more on the elegant side. A bit sexy too if you ask me. Let's look at it!


Fancy looking. This outfit is mostly on the top's aesthetics (Neo-Ishgardian Top of Maiming); of course, she has some gloves and a belt to give some defense. The shoes are glammed to look like the Lominsa officer boots and she wears any headpiece that gives a good defensive property but it is glammed to Red Dahlia Corsage. The top is of course, dyed ruby red to give it the A'rlen style.

And a hole for the tail, of course!

The long skirt, I adore because it's not symmetrical. Right sight it's very long but on the left, there is a huge cut that allows for some stylish boots to show. Of course, A'rlen is wearing thigh-high boots that are just sexy.

Here is A'rlen with some action shots or whatnot. Just the Miqo'te having fun in her Dragoon Dress.

For a little while, A'rlen was using Pike of the Demon with this outfit but eventually, when I started the Resistance storyline, I glammed her spear to look like the 3rd phase: Law Order Spear.

Have to spend time with Estinien, of course.

And no, that ain't Disneyland.

And don't be looking under there, you perves!

So all in all, I think this a keeper. At least, for a LONG while until Endwalker comes out with more dresses that would fit A'rlen in a way that is both sexy and still powerful. This dress is, more or less, what A'rlen uses to walk around town while still being in her Dragoon skin. I love it. Will probably #commission her in this for sure.

Until Next Time!

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