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Commission: Yotsuyu's insatiable Lust

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Well, seems our little Miqo'te got herself in a bit o a pickle! As a Warrior of Light, A'rlen Sirushi gained quite a bit of fandom, enemies, and obsessive admirers. Yotsuyu Goe Brutus--the crazed and unstable Viceroy of Doma, definitely took a liking to our protagonist! Oh no! What plans does Yotsuyu have for our savior? Who will save her? And is Yotsuyu going to give her to Zenos or... keep A'rlen for herself? Regardless of her fate, nothing like a strong capable warrior #DiD'ed out for someone like Yotsuyu whose insatiable appetite for someone's suffering is unwavering.

And here are the variants of that picture! When A'rlen gets a bit more mouth-y with a gag on, Yotsuyu decides to heighten the humiliation! Yes, that's her thigh high socks gagging A'rlen. Poor Miqo'te! This wonderful #commission is done by none other than ThunkStudio. And, of course, I am not done commissioning these two! Not in the slightest, of course! Who knows, maybe the tables will turn eventually, eh? And, yes, this is kind of a continuation of THAT bust-sketch done by Llythium-Art!

Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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