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Commission: A'rlen Sirushi

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

#DiD I mention that I adore Llythium-Art? Did I also mention that I love FFXIV and my Miqo'te, A'rlen sirushi? I didn't? Well, this #commission should just reveal my love for my Warrior of Light! I adore her so much and Llyth's art is just perfect. Perfect combo! Well, enough of that! Let's get on it, shall we?

So let's talk about all the sketches first! As anyone who has come across my page, Llyth is part of the artists that makes my gallery look so decorated. She has a certain style that she offers that is just too good! So let's talk about the sketches and all the things that A'rlen is up to with these pics.

At least this isn't the brooding Estinien!

Ah, Estinien and A'rlen! Headcanon, these two got closer than two Dragoons should have (no small part to the events of the Banquet) in the Dragonsong War and since A'rlen is the type who is unwilling to express her emotions, it can get quite amusing. Estinien makes sure to use A'rlen's stubbornness to his advantage.

There you see her... sitting there across the way...

Ah, Y'shtola! The first character I got introduced to outside her game. I adored her back in the day I wasn't a fan of FFXIV and now that I actually 'interact'/see her in-game, I think my adoration for her ascended to new heights. I doubt she'll ever take a slot on the #Victorious_Vixens, but I adore her. And so does A'rlen! They also have a head canon romance, mind you.

Yotsuyu takes a liking to this world's Warrior of Light

And what's a commission with Llyth without some DiD moment, right? Yes, Yotsuyu herself is taking it upon herself to 'entertain' A'rlen. The Warrior of Light should have used her Dragoon armor, eh?

And then the other half body sketch is A'rlen in her Dragoon armor getting ready to kick some butt! Llyth NAILED it with the spear (and everything else). It's so good!

Now let's talk about the full body colored which features A'rlen in her Dragoon job and her Machinist. My main jobs I used when playing FFXIV.

Kaine homage, of course!

Just look at that! Look at the details! Look at Longinus (spear)! There is a funny story with this pic though. Llyth and I usually work really well with communication but for some reason, we fumbled on the fork. I say a lot is on me but she takes ownership as well and another thing I adore about her. She changed it without any gripes... other than pulling her hair a bit because of the spear's ... 'complications'. Though we agree that A'rlen has a good BBQ tool with that spear.

I call this job the "gunner". And pose is a homage to Yuna!

Llyth also did fantastic with this pose. The Deathlocke-Lux looks amazing under her care! Can't thank her enough!

So, honestly, I can go on and on about how much I love this but I think it's quite obvious. To anyone who hasn't spent the time working with Llyth.... y'all should. Llyth, if you read this, THANK YOU! I know you're going to fall in love with A'rlen too because your are going to keep working on her! haha!

Until Next Time!

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