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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Machinist) I

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I knew I wanted to make A'rlen Sirushi a "gunner" at some point. I have always pictured "Arlen" and any iteration of her having something to do with gunning her assailants down. Needless to say, the Machinist job from #FFXIV was always in my sights. So this outfit is my Miqo'te's standard/default outfit. She's adorable in it and you know it!

The Red Scion

As my second DPS job that I use, I have to make sure that she's also well fitted. Found an outfit that for her a few hours later! So this is A'rlen Sirushi in her 'default' Machinist outfit. I know it's just Tataru's first Scion outfit for the Warrior of Light, but by the gods I an enamored with it! Once again, just give it a good ruby red dye and it's right up my alley! A'rlen looks sexy and adorable, doesn't she?

The contrasting 'pouch' gives it a bit more of a quirk from the average skirt and thigh-highs.

This is a pretty common outfit--well, common enough since I have seen it once or twice. But I can't help but love it. There's a lot of little quirks with it.

Look at those zippers, the lining, the chains, and that tie! So many gorgeous little details that goes along with it! Even the skirt has a bit of a unique look to it.

I even like the way the jacket is cropped in the back.

Like in her Crimson Dragon Armor, A'rlen has gone through a myriad of weapons. Just recently, she's got on the Anima weapons for fun and I've been using them for a bit now. Here she is holding the Hyperconductive Armageddon; a glam she used for a good while.

At this current moment, however, she has the Deathlocke Lux as a glam and I love it. It has a unique 'glow' when battle ready. The Anima spirit that comes out as a lion definitely resembles A'rlen's spirit!

And here are some action shots of my Miqo'te!

And, yes. She gets into some trouble every so often! But nothing she can't handle!

The Machinist is a fun job and this outfit definitely gets a lot of milage to say the least. Much like the Dragoon, A'rlen has had a few outfits while gunning down Primals. But by far, the "Red Scion"/schoolgirl outfit is my favorite one! I'm also quite content with her weapon at the moment so I doubt there will be an update on that soon. But, yeah! Stay tuned for her next one!

Until Next Time!

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