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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (63)"

Taking a break from themed #Tied_Up_Tuesday for this week. We're simply going to focus on some fantastic art with gals roped up, gagged, and in some kind of duress. With that said, let's go right in and check out this week's featured artwork, shall we?

Ecchinata is an amazing artist and I do need to feature them twice here. The art above, well, it's both good for a damsel in distress picture and some other reason. Sakura really had a good landing, right? This is for sure a future reference.

Now the scene here is just as powerful as a DiD scene and as a picture altogether. I watched Fate Zero and this scene could've easily been in there. Also, Saber's emotions and that gag around her neck were soaked in saliva. You can definitely see her anger and her futile struggles. Sola's crazy expression as she's staring at the helpless and semi-conscious Irisviel. Yeah, this is well done.

Can't get enough of Resident Evil gals, that's for sure! Some of the best #DiD art of them are in renders so I can't complain. Actually, I do have one complaint: no Sheva Alomar! Seriously, she needs more attention, I swear!

Wonder Woman. Ultimate Goddess of DiD-ness especially during the golden age. I love what BoundArtist DiD with this piece! Diana should do well to reflect on things, doesn't she? I swear, when it's her turn for the Crusade, I need to do something like this.

I have no idea who this character is but I will say I love the vibe. I love the posture of the captor, the helplessness of the damsel, the style of the art, and the ropework, it's just all done well! I adore it! The taunting-tease moment is definitely one of my favorite things with the damsel and captor dynamic!

MK I just came out and there are some amazing changes. Making Sindel Queen has some ramifications, for sure and she knows it. How I do love this theme, by the way. Definitely came out after my Chair Tied II Tied Up Tuesday, would've fit in that post. Oh well. Here it is now! And, of course, Skelebomb is a talent!

Well... I'm not 💯 shy to admit that Goof Troop's Peg DiD things. And I'm glad someone else agrees, of course! Arrested and gagged too? Yeah, I'm down. Lunargue is an artist I would like to work with one day, that's for sure! Definitely re-sparked my crosshair for this cutie!

Well, that's about it for this week. I've got some updates I want to post about in regards to the rest of this year so hopefully I can get that out before things get busy. Thanks for stopping by!

Until Next Time!

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