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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (70)"

The second week of November and I have no theme other than, ya know, gals bound and gagged! Welcome to #Tied_Up_Tuesday, folks! Let's just have some fun with today's art showcasing! Enjoy!

Mummy is so good! Also, Princess Peach needs to get out of the trend of being a 'Not-a-damsel-Princess'. It's her roots and it's been that way since game one. She cannot escape her own fate!

The Senshi-Man, Sleepy-Comics DiD it. He done gave us two hot long haired gals in utter complete defeat and tied them together. Yeah, the man's crazy! And we love him!

Now we have a Nier bondage session! If one wants to keep 2B properly immobile, helpless, and quiet, that's one way to do it. Also... what's A2 doing in the background?

Ah! Hotties wearing dresses that have a high slit just for us to admire their legs. Of course, this is from a fellow commissioner Wildcard and drawn by another fellow Discord member, Ekkinowa. What a great collaboration!

I could make an entire post about Kusujinn. I should. The art above is good but it carries on. Mind you, shows the gal wnet through some DiD changes. Gag stayed the same though.

Please Understand & Lots of Thinking are definitely good follow-ups. Again, Kusujinn's art is so complimented by that writing. And while the giant melons won't be my main thing, I will say it's something to enjoy. Thank you, Kusujinn.

If your mission is to nab Lara Croft.... you'd better not waste restraints for some new armor platings! Also, enjoy your moment with Ms. Croft once you've nabbed and gagged her! PGRatedSlasher does great work as usual!

Alright, what a great view right?

The two set up distractions for either some unsavory living beings or for the undead. Who knows. We'll just say that this time around, Claire got the last upper hand.

I know, this kind of turned into a Residen Evil art dump, right? Well, Waywardblue Resident Evil shenanigans. But, hey, isn't a sight of Claire and Ada all trussed up isn't going to get a complaint from me.

I'm going to keep close eye on this project. Will definitley want to see where Lauren Cohan/Maggie end up. Well, we all know why BUT still want to see. Kidnapic definitely makes some good stuff.

This #Tied_Up_Tuesday started out as a gaming gals but clearly it deviated for what I initally had in mind. Oh well. No one is complaining right? The gals are gagged, right? Wait! Gotta silence Maggie!

Until Next Time!

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