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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (90)"

Tuesday is Tied Up Day! And what a beautiful week this is going to be! Let's go ahead and say that this week doesn't have a theme of any sort. Other than tight bondage and gagged whimpers. So, let's go!

May man, Fours, doing some good business with some renders. His stuff has been getting really saucy as of late and I can't help but take his new art in! There you go, buddy! Finally gagging your damsels more!

Oh, FFXVI. You massive ball of disappointment, you. Well, least it gave us another damsel, Benedikta. Also, Jill was a massive damsel fest of a character.

Been on the 'trophy damsel' kick as of late! Let me tell you! A collector's prestige is taken up to another level if they get the classic RE Gals: Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine!

This series that Kusujinn has going on is getting some better moments. He really is the king of building up with that series. Tied to Twins feeds into so much of my likes. Will continue to pay attention to it, for sure.

WHO is the doppelganger here? Both scenarios are appealing and could lean to some nice DiD-Fics.

Harris adds another beauty for TuT. This one also has a mini-story about the tape that is binding this sexy damsel. Let's just say, that is a good gag and restraint.

Rene's knack for not giving Wonder Woman a gag is sometimes unforgivable. But, hey, Rene is a high-caliber talent. Can't complain too much, if at all.

Cammy was too busy hanging around so she missed her scheduled Street Fight.

We all know about Demitetus, don't we? Well, he made sure that Chun Li and Psylocke made the fight. Their battle, however, is more of a mental one. And a bunch of glares.

I'd go to that restaurant. I'm sure the Empire knows how to entertain its customers.

These Gwens have nothing to complain about. At least they'll never be thrown off the bridge. Also, they're always given attentinion and sources of entertainment.

WELL! Telikor is no stranger to the DiD community. With her contribution/s through her love of Jessica Drew, I say it's safe to say that having her come back with a hitter that is as unique as it is sexy.... yeah, welcome back, Telk!

A very all-over-the-place Tied Up Tuesday. But who is complaining? The DiD community continues to strive and I always have plenty of things to share.

Until Next Time!

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