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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" April O'Neil

Welcome, folks to Tied Up Tuesday-April edition! And who better to open up this month other than one of the classic DiD Goddesses: April O'Neil! I'm sure she needs very little to NO introduction. April is a consistent DiD for TMNT and beyond. From the super popular cartoon show of the 80s/90s to video games to more recent adaptations, and so on--April is a Damsel. And here she is to grace us for Tied Up Tuesday. Be warned! I won't be commenting as much. I'm going to let most of the amazing artwork do the talking. Also, don't forget to click on the picture to visit the artists' awesomeness.

A slice of April's life. And the distress the brunette goes through.

Would definitely watch the news more often if this is what comes on. Bebop is now my favorite Anchor.

Do watch THIS VIDEO to have more fun! That one meme of Michaelangelo untying April with a very convenient brushing of April's boobs.

Well, we definitely knew where that was going to go. Least April's now sitting down.

So what do you have to report today, April?

A unique gag. I'm sure she isn't trying to turn into a mutant any time soon?

Isn't that a predicament? Little DiD April know that she's going to be a little sweeter once she gets dipped in.

Yeah, LoZ is another artist that took a bite to give us some amazing Apirl O'Neil DiDness. And, of course, Loz gives some attention to feet and I'm all for it!

The Mouser DiD moment. Something that happens in video games quite often.

Well, at least her captors are allowing her to talk to the Turtles. Of course, we all know that her ability to communicate details won't be the best for this scenario. Beltgag is quite ready that Hound gave him this gift.

Classic peril with the style of restraining not the common 'hands behind the back'. I'm all for it.

Poletie is no stranger position of April. She's gotten these canonically and, of course, artists have to make it happen.

But chair tie is golden. Something that April had received more than enough times to really see it as a throne for her.

And behind the scenes, so to speak, is not something drawn as frequently.

She's kidnapped, bound, and gagged in the sewers. This might not be Shredder and the Foot who DiD this to her, right?

Maybe this is a continuation of the pic from Nick? The chances are quite small since it's really not! rope color and context.

The classic situation of losing her communicator.

Now this is a real heated moment for April to try and survive.

Should at least give her the time to just relax, right? April definitley deserves bondage that isn't as distressing.



There is only one April in my mind. The late 80s April and her yellow jumpsuit is the April O'Neil. But she's had multiple variations and some even decide to allow April to wear other clothing. Here are some DiD moments with a different April or Ms. O'Niel putting on different threads.

I remember this scene. I can't remember if there was a gag. Just funny that it's a 'serious' take on the TMNT, April finds time getting ropes on her.

An original take of April with a more 'modern' outfit. Of course, the chair and the ropes will be included in this version of April.

Another version of April that seems to have more than a few followers and quite a few DiD art, commissions, cosplays, etc.

The comic is something noteworthy to enjoy, for sure.

Now I like this version of April. The red hair and far more 'capable' version of April. But, of course, she needs her moment in ropes. Capable and modern competent heroine or not, she still deserves her time in bondage. She makes it look good too.


Canon Distress

The pictures I'm going to share aren't even the entirety of her distress. There's so much of it and hunting a screencap of them all would have taken longer than the time I had to prepare this for this Tuesday. So just to give homage to the wonderful years of April's DiD'ing around.

I swear, April must've known she was going to be tied up and gagged at least 7 out of 10 shows. Ah great memories too for me as a youngling.

Well, that's it for this Tuesday. I know it's a pretty heavy-handed Tuesday but since it's April, it's fitting. While she's not one of my Vixens, she still has a legacy within the DiD community. She may have helped push the reporter/journalist Damsel who consistently wants to put themselves in danger. The damsel token character archetype can also thank April for that. Just the small amount of DiD pics here is just enough to show what April is all about with the DiD community. Do check out the artists, please. And with that, I'm done and out!

Until Next Time!

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