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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" N7 II

That's right! #N7 Tuesday?! Tied Up Tuesday?! Yeah! November 7th falls on a Tuesday. There are many things special about this day but for the sake of this post, we are going to focus on all the (mis)adventures of the ladies from the world of Mass Effect! Strap yourselves in and let's go!

Miranda Lawson! Created to be a perfect eye candy. So how do we take advantage of that? Well, to show her that being genetically perfect almost means she will look good in bondage. Shepard here is making sure she knows that. And I swear, renders of Ms. Lawson always welcome!

Tentacle Tali by: Braynger

Tali Z'orah bondage is a sight and a rare one. The other Mass Effect gets the 'love' for obvious reasons. The majority gravitates toward Miranda, Liara, or even Jack. But there's no denying that Tali has a certain appeal that the fans really adore. The voice? The skin-tight suit? Ther personality? Well, no matter. May be odd to get her in certain situations but there's no denying that Tali really pulls off the distress quite well. Braynger's renders are a prime example of that.

And, of course, Skelebomb is someone who has done plenty of Mass Effect DiDs. I've shared them before too. This time around, I want to share their work on two Asaris who don't get the love they deserve. Samara and Aria! A good mix, don't you think?

An oldie but goodie from Skelebomb. I swear, they really do put out some fantastic Mass Effect DiD art, don't they?

These two definitely deserve a moment--together! Where the two can settle their differences in a more, controlled manner!

Well, Liara does have an evil side to her, right? And she takes in human slaves too. Serves Ashely right and we already said that Miranda is a perfect bondage gal so there's that!

And, of course, Waywardblue is no stranger to my blog nor are they shy from giving Mass Effect some DiD moments. Just the A Humiliating Mutiny series alone spices things up within Normandy! Great stuff!

Fresh new art just for this day! And PerilChaser is responsible for this goodie! Always knew that we'd get some brand new art for this day and here it is. Here's to many more amazing DiDness (and non-DiD) art for future N7 days to come!

Well, I could go on but I do need to put a stop and save some of these goodies for other #TuTs or for next year. Who am I kidding? Will see more N7 DiD along the way. For now, do enjoy and have a great N7 day!

Until Next Time!

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