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Square Enix (Statuette): Nier Automata 2B (No Goggles)

Well, what do you know? Another 2B enters my game room! While I'm not 2B's number-one fan or anything, I'd say she's a pretty good contender to be one of my mains. I love the game she came from and love her design. Yes, she has appeal, but come on now, it's hard not to love this Android with a 9S body count beyond her name. With that said, let's look at this statuette from Square Enix, shall we?

The box isn't anything that's going to catch MIB collectors. I won't say I'm disappointed since it's just a box but it is rather lackluster considering it's Square Enix. Then again, it's not the highest price point when it comes to statuette so maybe no extra bucks were given to the box, eh?

As I have said countless times before, 2B has a very chef's kiss design. Quite obvious that she has a sex appeal, no need to tiptoe around that. Yoko Taro admitted in so many ways that he likes his female characters to be sexy and cater to the NSFW atmosphere. But beyond the obvious, 2B is a character that also has an amazing game to back her up. The story, and the lore, are all deep and forced me to ask deeper questions than I intended to after playing the game. Nier Automata is an amazing game, and that 2017 game turned into an ANIME / Ver 1.1a, and we're all blessed. That means more 2B merch such as this.

The pose of 2B is based on 2B's official artwork from the game. Considering how dynamic and full of action 2B usually is, a pose that is a bit calmer is always welcome. But one should ignore the work put into this statuette. While 2B's stance is neutral, her clothing has enough 'action' to give this statuette life.

It's in 2B's clothing that one can notice the plastic in motion. The skirt implies a sudden swoosh of movement. I do love what is implied here and with the position of her hands, she's prepped for a fight--a stance that is most definitely showing that this YoRHa combat android.

The upper portion of her outfit also has wrinkled details reacting to 2B's motion. I keep mentioning the skirt, I know, but it really does go in hand with the wrinkled motion implied with 2B's attire.


The boots also have wrinkles due to it being strained. A skin-tight and very well-fitted knee-high boots. This Android really knows that it can kick your butt while making heads turn with her killer style.

The best surprises...

As far as the paint job, it's just as clean, simple, and sharp as the sculptwork. Then again, 2B--YoRHa Units' color scheme isn't something we'd call varied and diverse. But the execution of the monotone color does plenty to impress. I love the different paint and plastic used to indicate what is cloth and what is leather. The boots are shiny, and wrinkled, and imply leather. The matted and less shiny color for 2B's dress clearly shows the cloth texture. The small (but important) skin also has a good choice of color. Hair is also done nicely. All in all, all is well down.

I love the white contrast with her gloves. The 'transparent' look of her high stockings is also something to take note. All in all, the colors are well done.

The eyes are probably the only vibrant coloring you'll get with this statuette. If one got the 'goggled' version, you won't get this. Also, the mole on 2B's lower lips isn't consistent throughout the different merch she gets but as long as it's there, that's what matters, right?

Loving the sculpting work with 2B's designs. Details are all present. The feathers on her arms also have the proper work placed. Again, all details are present.

The YoRHa motifs within 2B's skirt are also present and intricately placed there. Something that I am also going to compliment since it's subtle but visible.

Just admire the sculpting work on the implied movement. Also that bow.

2B is an asset to YoRHa. Glory to Mankind, eh?

Here she is next to other statuettes of 2B. Okay, 2P isn't technically 2B but she is? Regardless, these three are all from Square Enix and with varied price points. All consistent in some ways and honestly, I like them all. Honestly, the non-goggled 2B is the first 2B merch I got without a weapon. Funny detail, right?

I love this piece. It's a good simple piece with its intricacies that Square Enix likes to put in their statues. The price point barely misses the triple digits and I feel it's justified somewhat for what it asked for. Is it the best 2B merchandise out there? Definitely not. Is it the best one I own? I'd say that title still falls under the Static Arts Standard. But it's a good addition to my 2B lineup. I'm pretty happy with the purchase. I recommend.

Until Next Time!

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