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Static Arts: 2B (Standard Version)

Static Arts? Yes this is Square Enix's statue line--high end statue line and this is the first in my collection (and not the last). And what do you know? It's 2B! Definitely got an appeal to this! With that said, let's get right in, shall we?

As one would expect, this statue is packed elegantly. While I'm not going to buy a figure for the box, I do like it when there are some effort on the packaging. I'm sure the price tag gets racked up because of it though. Still, the 'Disneyland'-ish silhouette, the YoRHa emblem is nice, of course.

I definitely like the back--surprisingly. There is a unique window opening with the YoRHa symbol, the word itself, and the quote: "For the Glory of Mankind".

Definitely got some flavor with this one! Not done as often from what I have seen!

The sleek black box gives it both a beautiful and fitting aesthetics, but just like most things I review, it's time to actually get 2B out and take a good look at her!

Now since this is a 'standard' version, I only got the stand and her katana Virtuous Contract. The deluxe version has more bells and whistles but I felt would have been too much. Neat additions, but I'm fine with this. The base, while simple and practical, does have this engraved "YoRHa word and the symbol" which gives it this elegant simplicity to it.

The Virtuous Contract is great! 2B holds it just fine as well (one has to disassemble it hilt and guard in order for 2B to hold it). The design of it also plays off with 2B's aesthetics quite well--it's simple from afar but up close, it's got some details that really exudes an intricate story. Of course this is the game's design but Static Arts does quite well replicating it in plastic form.

She's just gorgeous! That much is obvious.

Right off the get go, 2B as a statue is not the most complicating figure when we are talking about pose. In fact, 2B is just standing there--sexy as she always is--but she's not doing much other than holding her katana. It resembles a stance after 2B finishes a fight, posing as such after twirling her blade around. Regardless, Static Arts did a fine job taking this pose to ensure that 2B and all her glory is displayed for us all.

The more “modest” side.

The details are amazing. Again, 2B‘s design (YoRHa in genera) is simple but when one looks closer, there are plenty of intricate details to take in! For one, she has all these markings on the hem of her skirt that Static Arts implemented, the ruffle shoulders, the feathers at the end of her gloves, and then the design on her chest. All of these are present and done quite well. Amongst other things that are important when it comes to recognizing 2B.

Even the back doesn’t get any less love in regards to attention to detail. The designs on the hem of her skirt is even more present and also the “opening” on her back is done that one would also like to take in the detail as much as the opening on her chest.

Of course, it’s not only the outfit or character design that’s taken into consideration. The wrinkles, the folds, and the overall look of how her clothing would be even in a static pose is on full display. The crease in the leather, the ruffled shoulders, and overall the entire look gives it an organic look. Definitely part of what makes me appreciate this non-dynamic pose; it allows for one to really appreciate the finer small details.

As far as the paint job is concerned, it's also flawless. At least I don't see any imperfections with mine so I can confidently say that it's perfect. The plastic chosen for each part of 2B is done right. The leather boots has a different shade off black from the cloth top, it's shiny and leather-looking. Speaking of cloth, the dress has a matted look to it which does a fine job contrasting with 2B's white & black gloves, which are also done well and the finer designs of 2B's gloves are detailed quite well. The skin matches 2B's in-game/canonical color, which falls between pale and peach-y. Her hair is that platinum blonde, close to being silver. Her lips are also colored quite well, it's not intrusive, but it's closed enough that they stick out. Also, the mole on her left chin is there. And since this is the standard version, her eyes aren't visible but from what I have seen through promo shots of the Deluxe version, it's done quite well.

Stitching and those finer details

The design on her skirt is quite prominent

I also love the the laves on her thigh high boots and the stocking that goes even higher and almost touching her finer assets..... done well.

One more thing, the bow covering the pantsu shot in a seductive manner through certain angle makes you want to keep turning the camera that direction.

Might I add that the details on her hair is also something to marvel at.

The expression is both stoic but has a bit of a smile, representing 2B's serious 'get the job done' and her at-times playful manner.

And here is Static Arts 2B right next to Bring Arts 2B version I. One is static and gets to enjoy the finer details o fa plastic life while the smaller 2B leans on articulation. Both still has the advantage of the import details, but the smaller one gets to be far more expensive for what it lacks. Bring Arts version II of 2B seems to have something more but I would lean more on the Static Arts more than anything else. But I am tempted.

So the verdict? Well, I am enamored with this thing. It's the character, the respect for the character, and the execution that allowed 2B to be this beautiful statue. Since #playartskai usually are hits or misses, I was worried about Static Arts but my first experience definitely gives me confidence. If the next few statues are anything like 2B with amazing sculpt work and sharp paint job, I’m more than happy to indulge. And believe me, I’m full speed ahead on the next few statues after this lovely Android! More on that later!

Until Next Time!

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