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Square Enix Statuette: 2B (YoRHa Unit 2 Type B) 2P Color Variant

Look at that! It's 2P! Who is that? Why, it's a questionable canon (or not) variant of 2B who shows up in other games to give players a variant color of the YoRHa Android--or as a twin antagonist of some sort.

Near Reincarnation art; she's a hottie, eh?

Now I'm a fan of 2B that's obvious. Darker skinned and inverted colors for her clothes, yeah I'm down too! Enough to get a merch of her. So with that said, let's get into the review of this statuette, shall we?

Now the box is nothing grand but it does have some notable things that make it worthwhile to talk about. It's plain, yes. But it's got the quilted design on the skirt of 2B/2P's skirt. Got the YoRHa symbol. And honestly, the white box really compliments the fact that 2P is an (almost) all-white version of 2B (or 2E). I'm not gonna complain because it does have a window and it keeps the figurine safe. We're good.

It doesn't have much in terms of information other than the norm that you'll find from most import boxes. Again, no complaint.

Some assembly is required, of course. Not a WHOLE lot and not too difficult, of course. 2P's blade, of course, has to be taken apart from the hilt and blade to allow them to slip through 2P's hands.

It is no secret that I adore how 2B looks. The outfit is sexy and deceptive. At one angle, it could just be sexy, but on one side, with that cut and undergarment shot, and the thigh highs, it's something that can wind up someone's libido. She has that hair that is stylish and catchy. Her monochromatic color scheme is a theme that goes in line with the YoRHa units. They are a "suicide team" and the all-black can be tied to the idea that they're fighting to claim their funeral. I definitely like it since black is one of my favorite colors--and the fact that it was good against 2B's light skin also did plenty! A good juxtaposition since the part of 2B's body that was exposed definitely did many things to the masses (not even talking about after 'self-destruction'). With 2P's theme being a literal inverted version of 2B, it does the same thing! Sure her outfit is dominantly (all) white, but the darker skin, the black hair, and the subtle black colors sprinkled throughout.... yeah, I don't mind 2P one bit.

The pose of the figurine is perfect. 2P isn't in any kind of dynamic pose or anything too crazy. Instead, she wields her blade, walking forward in a strut that is every bit as sexy and full of sass as she (2B) does in the game/s. For a small statuette, this was a perfect choice. It allows for details to show. The wrinkles show in all the places that you'd expect wrinkles, the 'movement' of her looser clothing is there, and once again, it's a good showcasing posture without making it too extravagant. I definitely appreciate what they were able to do and it's a nice display all in all.

Wrinkles and creases show.

It can't be expressed how much I do enjoy the small details of 2P's clothing. The skirt flowing, the bend of her knees creasing her boots, the ruffling of her sleeves and shoulders. Very nicely done.

Plenty of work was done with the sculpting and it shows, that much is certain.

The coloring is something I'm also going to congratulate. Again, 2P's color scheme is an inverted version of 2B's and it takes some serious thought and work to make white work. There are some washes on certain areas like the knees and the such that give the illusion of shadowing. The sculpting allows for shadows as well playing off the idea of color variation. The choice of white plastic really lends to the vibe of Nier Automata and, of course, the skin & hair color do well to contrast. I really can't complain!

I also like the color of the sword and we'll be talking about that in a few. It's definitely a nice addition, that's for sure!

Now I'm not going to say that this is the best face sculpting but it's not terrible for the price. Her clothing definitely has the little designs that makes the deal! I appreciate it quite a bit!

"Stitching" and details. Her back still has all that!

2P's skirt also carries the designs that 2B has. Such a detail sculpted in a very flouncy and active piece of clothing! Also, look at that slit, and the thigh highs! Well done.

And, of course, we can't talk about thig highs without mentioning 2P's assets that mirror 2B's very own! One has to admire the dynamic movement of the skirt and the slight peek at what 2P is about to do. As(s) to what she's about to do, well that weapon is definitely telling as to what.

This blade is a signature Nier weapon, the Beastlord. Fine weapon for a fine young lady (Android). It's definitely got some good sculpting.

The creature's head on the blade is always a nice design to set this weapon apart from the usual. The sculpting did enough to replicate the in-game weapon and I really do feel like this fits 2P's statuette.

Here is Square Enix Statuette: 2B (YoRHa Unit 2 Type B) 2P Color ver next to Static Arts: 2B (Standard Version). The two are definitely a few price points away--with 2P being the 'lower class' compared to but truth to be told, there are some things to admire with a smaller and cheaper figurine next to a high-class statue. 2P still has details and from afar, she might pass to be in the same level. What I'm trying to say is that I do think that this variant 2B figurine has some legs (DUH) to compete.

I do adore this figurine. I like the character and the idea of her and having merch of her that doesn't break the bank really does a lot. I really recommend her enough, whether 2P variant or the original 2B, I do believe she's well worth it, especially for the price.

Until Next Time!

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