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Final Fantasy VII Remake: DiD'ing Around

I'm a little behind in announcing things. I finish Final Fantasy VII Remake with Integrade. It's actually been a bit busy in terms of Final Fantasy. Needless to say, I'm also behind schedule with posting this little topic.

I remember this fondly after revisiting the game. I was ready for these shots. For those who are into web bondage, it's easy to get Tifa in such a situation!

In this particular scenario, Tifa gets nabbed by the boss via an extra arm. I did not run into my first playthrough.

I do like the style of her shoes. I'm sure it'll look good when she's all shackled up for her inevitable scene.

Then there's this particular boss that managed to get Tifa within its perverted crustacean fingers. Guess everyone just wants to get their grubby hands around the 7th Heaven Bartender, eh?

Jenova isn't shy from slithering its tendrils around the Bartender Brawler. There is lots of slick, slimy, and crusty bondage for Tifa in FFVII Remake. But for those looking for the classic hentai grabbing, Sephiroth's mama got you covered with her tentacles tendencies. I'm more than willing to believe that this is possible in the game caused a good few pauses and photo modes. I mean, this post is all about that, right?

Not Tifa in distress but a good view, nonetheless, eh?

Aerith thinks so, anyway! Though Aerith deserves her moment of bondage too, doesn't she? Especially with all that sass and make-pretend-innocence she has.

And then we have Scarlet! This witch is one evil lady who deserves her dues, doesn't she?

This scene did not happen in the original FFVII. Other than Scarlet's moment with Tifa, she was a pretty dominant figure. She was never really forced to bend. Integrade fixes that and Yuffie--of all people--put Scarlet in her place. Not really. Despite detaining Scarlet, Yuffie was not in control at all. Maybe she should've added more ropes, eh?

and a gag is missing, for sure. Should've gagged her, Yuffie! Not too late!

I'm sure Yuffie regrets not doing a better job tying up Scarlet. I'm sure (hoping) Don Corneo doesn't drop the ball!

The journey is just beginning at this point. Hoping to catch some good ones over on FFVII Rebirth! As of right now, I'm 40 hours in and I have yet to see a good opportunity to. Heck, maybe I'm too busy actually playing the game. Well, will drop some updates on my gaming endeavor, I'm sure.

Until Next Time!

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