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Art Share: Victorious Vixens "Spotlight"

Since there nothing going on right now, let me do some random sharing artworks of my lovely main 4! No specific theme, just felt like sharing. Some of these are awesome for the sake of fantastic artwork, some are just for kinkiness, and other are just for fun lewdness. At any rate, here we are with our #Victorious_Vixens art share! Let's get to it!

Let me start out with this lovely drawing of Terra Branford. LucidSky did an amazing job with this! Terra is a beauty, green, blonde, or Esper form. She is, undoubtedly, one of my first Final Fantasy crush and I didn't realize just how much until quite recently. The artwork above is an amalgamation of her Amano artwork costume, her sprite version in FFVI, and her Dissidia/NT form. All in all, it's just amazing.

This is a dynamic piece of work. Miguel Hernandez Urbina does some fine work. Definitely go check out his blog post to see different angles and WIPs of this amazing render of Spider-Woman. There's a certain amount of detail worth ogling over especially those subtle webbing on her suit that doesn't steer too far away from her original outfit but still gives it a bit more of a flare. I adore it a whole lot!

Oh, ho, ho! The Snow Queen herself acting all kinky! This twitter post certainly deserves some love because this is 3D artwork that is definitely sexy as it is implying. It's very close to canon but still enough to swerve her to a bit of the kinky side. And.... is that rope she's offering? Subtle but VERY obvious.

Now there is nothing implied or sutble about this picture. It's good ole fashion #DiD moment for the lovely Rikku! Ekkinowa is a wonderful artist responsible for this. He has a love for the lovely Al Bhed as much as I do and that's not a bad thing. I have a feeling we'll be seeing his artwork a lot more in my blog for obvious reasons. Keep an eye out.

Well, that's about it for now! Here's to getting more fancy art out there!

Until Next Time!

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