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Art Share: Xlayers & Frozen/Elsanna

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

"We Only Have Each Other, it's just you and me...."

Time for some #Elsanna artwork from none other than Haru/Xlayers! I adore the way they do the 3D versions of Elsa/Anna. Just how I would picture Elsa in this realm. It also helps that kinky bondage/peril is part of their scheme so I'm down for it. With that said, let me just share some of these pics that they recently shared through twitter.

I find this moment rather inducing. Just.... the sheer closeness and what we know is about to happen. The heavy eyelids and the fact that Elsa isn't completely staring at Anna just yet. Saucy!

Safe bet that feet is also a big factor in the kink judging from his pictures

What's a good Princess without worshipping her Queen's feet and beautiful legs. And surely Elsa is enjoying herself, ain't she? Needless to say, Xlayers goes through different timelines and meshes different versions of Elsa and Anna together. I do like it that Xlayers pulls from all corners of Frozen--from the movies and the shorts (yes, even Frozen Adventure!). One thing is certain: there is plenty of sensual stuff. Plenty of Elsanna.

Yummy, right?

I never did think that I would find Elsa's "Wreck-it-Ralph 2" form would be this sexy, right? I always thought that Anna got the 'leggy' look but Haru fixed all that with the pic above.

Some Things Never Change! A more serene romantic moment.

Still my favorite look for Elsa--or at least, pretty high up there. Her Default "Frozen 2" outfit is definitely high up there in regards to practicality.

Follow the String, eh?

I'd follow the string for sure! And I'd grab more string and some cloth!

"Here I stand..."

This is one of my favorite look for Elsa. The Queen stripping down, diminishing her regality knowing that she's going to go through the rest of the journey.

The mysterious Guardian of Ahtohallan and the Enchanted Forest. The Snow Queen in full circle even if this isn't my favorite path/look for Elsa.


And while it's not my favorite look, I will admit that Elsa looks good with her hair down and that 'cape' makes for a good visual.

And so, of course, we have ourselves Elsa and the Nokk.


My favorite ship. Elsa on Elsa. Show yourself what you are made of, right?

Anna's of the past and present worshipping The Snow Queen Elsa. Creepy and a bit sensual, eh?

And the other side of things, we have The Elsas of the past and present are giving Queen Anna the worshiping she deserves.


Now what is all this sexual stuff without bondage, right? #DiD moments definitely is part of the reason how I got my jives going towards Haru/Xlayers. Now, disclaimer, I am not 100% sure if these are all officially released by Haru since when I was a Patron, a LOT of these are behind the paywall. I will say that a lot of these now are easily accessed by a few keywords. I'll let ya figure it out. Welps, nuff words!

Yeah, Haru gets pretty deep into bondage--sensual or nonconsensual. Elsanna and the likes. Forced moments or duress.

That's a pretty dark and dreary what if.

This was a possible moment. The angles of this from Haru made it look even more enticing. Most of it is behind paywall, of course.

It gets dreary, of course. Elsanna and bondage is a good mix, right?

The nightgown look for Elsa is also a favorite of mine. I've done some good commission on that look. Glad Haru agrees too!

I think the Arendellians didn't take too kindly to Elsa abandoning them. Guess Hans was right, eh?

Speaking of Hans, guess he found an open door and DiD his business, eh? Now this is a bit more 'graphic' and what is happening is usually not what I would post, but it's DiD, right? So I go for it.

And what is a villain without forcing a helpless beauty witness her lover in distress like her? I'm sure Elsa, who doesn't have access to her powers at the moment, is mortified at what could/what happened to her sister.

This set is hilarious but ends great!

Now this set is just..... yeahhhhhhhh.

ANDDDD, speaking of her sister! Anna also gets ton of moments thanks to Haru's perversion. Some are in Elsa's hand so I'm all for it!

::The Memes and Laughs::

It's not all sexual and/or dressing stuff. Haru gets into memes and the likes which is actually a breath of fresh air! And something I appreciate! There are a TON more but since this is already a PRETTY long post, I decided just to share two.

Mutliverse off Madness, right?

And the funniest thing is Nokk is just standing there with a grin. Better use your ice powers there, Elsa!

With that said, do check out Xlayers/Haru's gallery! He did a major reboot on his Patreon, but if you find yourself in a good spot, do drop a few bucks when it's fully fleshed out! Hoping he reopens the commissions and also fills it up with some of the sexual stuff he took out.

Until Next Time!

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