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Banpresto: Milim Nava (That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime)

I have ZERO idea what the heck or who the heck this character was when I saw her on my local Box Lunch. I thought the character looks cool and the way it can be posed seems like a fun thing to add in my display. With that said, here we are! Let's take a look at this Demoness, Milim Nava under Banpresto's care!

I stated that BAN DAI's Banpresto line doesn't impress me all that much. With only the Super Saiyan God Vegeta being my only other experience, I was going to shy away from them completely. So right off the get go, I should've stayed away from this figure, right? Unknown character and a brand that I have a less than mediocre experience... recipe for peg warmer, right? Well, like I said, there's an enticing design and a wonderful way to pose her, not to mention, her price point wasn't bad at all. So with that said, I pulled the trigger and brought her home with me! Yeah, it's total eye candy purchase for sure! What can I say?

Some assembly is required for this one. Very minor, she's easy to put together.

Milim Nava is a Demoness and supposedly quite powerful (Milim Nava). While she looks like a teenager, she's actually quite old and, again, quite a hitter despite her fragile looks. She's also got tsundere tendencies which is all the recipe I need! With that said, the way Ban Presto made her design into statue form is quite impressive. Got a lot of dynamics with the pose and the clothing, the way the wings are poised, her gestures, her hair, it all gives a sense of movement. The way the base is incorporated is a definite improvement from the last Ban Presto I purchased. It's got color that isn't dull--it's colorful and it plays off the energy effects, trying its best to imply that this is energy coming from Milim. While it does fall short, at least it's not just a plain black or white stand--the kind where there is ZERO effort placed to make it fit in with the illusion of flight. Everything is sculpted well and for the price point, it's definitely feels 'high-class' anime statue.

The clothing and wings really gives an impression of flying and action!

The colors are all nicely done. Milim's color schemes are nicely put together, dark hues mixed in with the lighter-more vibrant pigments for her hair and skin. All of these are nicely represented on this statue version of her. Some minor shading here and there but nothing heavy, which, in all honestly, this statue doesn't need. Again, I love the transparent pink colored stand. Really adds to the energy and flying pose it's trying to go off of. Clean paint and good color choices to represent the character--it's, again, a well painted/colored statue for the buck.

While she's not going to be getting the #Bishoujo quality up close, there are still some wins when it comes to this statue. She's still adorable and from far away, the short comings are hardly noticeable. The fact that this Ban Presto statue is 80% less than the average price of a high quality Kotobukiya statue says something.

And a slight hint of fan service, for sure!

Again, good pose and definitely a lot of dynamic. All the sculpted pieces and colors really puts it together!

She's unknown to me but I like her design. I had a bad experience with this statue prior but definitely have a good experience this time around. Great looking piece for a good price--a cute and interesting enough character, all in all, this is a pretty good catch. I can't say she is highly a must but for anyone who knows of hits IP definitely should check out this beauty. Great price and well made, I think she'd make a good decoration in someone's shelf. Will definitely check out the anime here and there.

Until Next Time!

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