• Onyx

Banpresto: Supersaiyan God Vegeta (Dragonball Super)

Updated: May 5, 2019

No one should act surprised that I am a fan of Dragonball. Casual fan, that is. I enjoyed DBZ in my younger years and I can't deny that it has some influence in some of my fandom. Being a casual fan though does not push me to get Dragonball merchandise even if familiar toy companies like SH Figuarts makes them. Somehow, I ended up getting a statue from a toy company I have never come across before. Was that a wise buy? Let's get right into the review of Banpresto Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta Statue.

The box is pretty good. Simple, protective, and it displays the figure as it is and there is no surprise. The strange thing about this box is that I can't believe that it makes the figurine inside look somewhat more appealing. I'll talk about it as I keep going through the box.

I suppose just from the box alone one should expect to see what is inside. Though a promotional picture's purpose is to oversell a product, and trust me, this one does well.