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Funko POP: Belle (Disney Princess)

One should know by now that I'm not the biggest fan of Beauty and the Beast. Nowhere near disliking it, but not on top of my list for Disney Princess movies. Belle is an awesome Princess but she's no top tier. But my good friend loves her so we're gonna talk about this POP that she bought for herself. With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

I do like these POPs because they give the Disney Princess a bit more fluff with these specific POPs. While Belle is nowhere near dry when it comes to POP merch, it is nice to see her get another one with a unique stand and a movie moment homage.

And, yes. My friend also has that special Belle POP with the pin. The gold variant that I'm also familiar with thanks to my Elsa POP in the same vein.

Going, to be honest, I don't remember fully if this was a movie moment--maybe in the Christmas Special? Regardless, it still very much goes in line with Belle's personality and theme. Belle is a gal who has her head inside the pages of the book she is currently reading, and what's a beautiful gal gotta do to get some peace, right? I do like the details on her dress as it splays all about due to Belle sitting down. I also like the books added and the simplicity of it all. Honestly, not too extreme in details but what it has, it works out just fine. Belle's hair is also recognizable so on that end, Funko did their job.

The colors are quite vibrant as they should be. While there aren't a lot of shading or color variants, the lively color gives it enough depth that one can forgive the lack of extra coloring detail. I'm impressed with the stand--looks like a regal marble floor for sure. The books are also well-colored, giving the illusion that they are a stack of miniature books. Standard, simple, but hitting the benchmark on what we expect from Funko POPs.

Here is a comparison between Belle and the Tale as Old as Time "Movie Moment".

And here is Disney Princess Belle next to POP: Belle. Hard to compare since one is a bit more dynamic and the other is neutral and sitting. But they look good right next together for sure.

My friend was quite happy grabbing this when she saw it out in the wild. I'd have to say that if I was a Belel fan, this would be a good addition. Probably not the best Belle POP out there, but it is worthy to have to make the Tale as Old As Time last even longer.

Until Next Time!

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