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Funko POP: Tale as Old as Time (Deluxe)

Here we go! Another #POP and a different one from the usual POP that I had grabbed from the last few weeks. It's a very prestige piece of Funko POP that tries to really capture a certain moment from a certain movie--this time it's Beauty and the Beast, one of Disney's classics from 1991. With that said, let's take a look at this POP, shall we?

I like the theater theme too.

This is a HUGE box. I'm going to show a comparison next to a regular POP so the context is clear. And they're not kidding when they say that this is a 'deluxe' edition. Funny enough, I do believe this is my first POP moment. I do have a few I would like to get but this one definitely stood out as a must--it's for a really good friend. The same friend who has been supporting me in my endeavors, of course. She deserves a grand POP of her favorite Disney Animated movie. The box is also something to adore. I immediately took note of every design related to the movie like the font, the rose, etc. Well done.

Anyone else hearing that iconic music?

Now much like the POP Albums, these POPs stay inside the box. The acrylic plastic case will keep them protected and they are securely placed where they are standing. While this has cons for sure, I do understand that the moment stays as is. And despite that, the details of these POPs are just as impressive as a standard one. The sculpting that we have come to know with the brand is all present and I am all for it. Their paint job is also immaculate so no complaints.

Even Lumiere and Cogsworth got the details! They have their pose that goes along with the moment, for sure. Speaking of details, the backdrop is all plastic, sculpted, and painted. All is well done. This POP also has some weight behind it due to all the plastic used.

Here is POP: Belle (Princess Line) next to POP: Tale as Old as Time. Yes, it is a huge POP, that much can be seen for sure. The POPs inside, Belle and Beast, are standard POP sizes so one can really get an idea of how big this thing is.

My friend was really happy to get this as a gift. I was very happy to give it to her as well. It's an iconic moment from the movie and definitely something that every Beauty & the Beast fan should have in their collection. As a POP collector/casual Disney fan, just be prepared to find room. For those who don't like POPs staying inside the box gimmick, not sure if I can fully recommend but I can say is that it's got weight behind the asking retail price. Just, again, consider space. As for me, my friend is happy and that's all that matters!

Until Next Time!

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