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Funko POP: Belle (Beauty & the Beast)

Here's another Disney Princess joining the fray of my #POP line up! The funny thing is that this isn't an official "Disney Princess" POP series but an actual Beauty & the Beast one--but it doesn't matter. It's Belle and she's a Disney Princess so let's get into the review, shall we?

Now it's not Belle's iconic gold dress that much his obvious but it is Belle in her 'commoner' dress that she wore for most of the movie. So with that out of the way, I will mention that Beauty and the Beast was a good follow up for me after the momentum that The Little Mermaid gave; basically, this is where I really started my Disney fandom. It's when I started to become aware of Disney's existence--the days before they are the juggernaut they are today though very familiar but vastly different. Beauty and the Beast was definitely one of the pivotal steps forward and as a movie, it wasn't too bad. The characters memorable, the music are classic, and the tale as old as time is still talked about even to this day. Regardless of how certain things didn't age quite as well, it's still a movie that holds a very solid ground as one of Disney Princesses best times. And Belle is up and front alongside Ariel and Jasmine.

With that said, I'm probably not going to purchase any more from this series. Though I do like the classic Gold Dress Belle or the "Winter" Belle. We'll see. I'm running out of room here!

This is no ordinary single POP. It's actually pretty close to a "Movie Moment" honestly. Showing the magic mirror and the image of the Beast in the reflection of said mirror, this was the moment before the (in)famous song of "Kill the Beast". Choosing this for this POP, I think, was a fine choice because it definitely gives a simple but pivotal moment with the movie. Funko did a fine job getting the moment without going out of the boundary of this type of POP and the sculpt is immaculate and definitely homage to the character and/or moment. I do like the way the hair sculpted, funny enough since I don't praise Funko for their hair work but the way it just resembles Belle and with that big blue bow--hard not to love! The small magical mirror also has its own details. Her pose is also something to adore since she stand very powerful, confident, and every bit of Disney Princess moment is known for when she's standing up for her beliefs.

Colors are well done. They absolutely represent the character it is trying to portray. And while Belle doesn't exactly have the most complex character design and color palettes, it's still nice to know that Funko can nail simplicity. Also, the green mirror is a really good contrast to Belle's overall simple/vanilla color scheme.

Showing the Beast's POP head and the 'glowing' green energy, it's a nice touch for sure!

And here she is next to POP Ariel from the Disney Princess line up. These two are mega stars on their own right, mind you.

Simple is genius and this POP definitely does the job. I do like this quite a bit and if this is the only Belle I end up owning as a POP, I'm perfectly fine with it. With that said, I will be looking for a movie moment of her and Beast and possibly the 'snow outfit' Belle. Other than that, totally recommend her for anyone who wants a simple but effective Belle in their collection.

Until Next Time!

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