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Funko POP: Ariel (Disney Princess)

Hey! What do you know, right? Another Disney #POP! This time around it's the Littler Mermaid herself, Ariel! The first Disney Princess that ever crossed my heart! Yeah, she's nostalgic for sure! With that said, let's just get right into the review, shall we?

Of course, another Disney Princess line up so we all know how this goes, right? The box, of course, it's glammed with all of hoots and hooray of what we can expect from Disney. Can't complain.

I might find myself getting Aurora or Jasmine. Not 100% sure yet though. Guess we'll see when we get there.

As I mentioned, Ariel is the first Disney Princess I came across some time ago. Where I lived, things were delayed so I didn't get to see the Little Mermaid until 2 years or so until it was released here in the US. Regardless, the first time I saw the movie and Ariel--I was enamored. Her looks, her singing voice, and the overall arc was something 'profound' for young me. Some years pass and although Ariel has been surpassed (ahem, Elsa), she still holds something of a special and nostalgic piece of my heart. This particular POP is definitely fitting. Although "Under the Sea" is not my favorite song--which is what t his POP is based on--it is a good moment to put in POP form. The pose is good and while note 100% accurate to that moment, it serves its purpose for sure. The ttail and fin of Ariel is accurate, the environment/POP stand is a good representation.

It's obvious that there is a bit of paint missing on some of the flowers. But other than that the execution on the sculpt is good especially on Sebastian. He's probably singing which is why he has a happy face!

This side you can definitely see more of the work put in on Ariel's sculpt with that giant flower--can also seem some of that on Sebastian. Smaller details but really makes it stand out.

There are a few imperfections with Ariel as I stated with the flowers. And there is also a slight chipping on the back of her hair as you can see, but as a whole, Ariel looks great. Accurate colors on the characters and that moment definitely feels accurate color-wise. I can't complain much since it's done well overall.

Here is Ariel next to POP "Rope" Dress Ariel. Hard to believe that she was my first POP Ariel ever.

Here she is next to another 90s Disney Princess, POP Pocahontas. Well, Ariel isn't in the 90s but she was from that "era" so it fits.

And here she is next to POP Moana and POP Elsa & Nokk. Yes, there's a meme with Ariel and Moana mocking Elsa about crossing the Dark Sea. I think it's hilarious.

All in all, it's pretty similar scheme with the other Disney Princess POPs. Popular Disney character, a base that is reminiscent of a moment (or significant mementos of a character), and then if applicable, one or all of the sidekicks. I recommend Ariel because she accomplish all of that and she holds a very dear part of my Disney nostalgia. Maybe one day I'll chase down that "POP: Kiss the Girl" moment but we'll see.

Until Next TimeI!

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