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POP: Elsa w/ the Nokk

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

#POP "Rider Series" is a new one in my collection, that's for sure--and the top view isn't as cute and classic as the regular #POPS, but oh well! This one is Elsa riding the Nokk, and this is something I have been waiting for all of my life. Well, not all my life but I have been excited about this one. Let's get on with the review!

As one would imagine, the box is bigger than the typical POPs. While Elsa is typically the shape of a regular-sized POP, the fact that she is riding on the Nokk, it gives the action figure a bit more to offer. Speaking of what is offered, I like the POP Elsa & Nokk artwork on the side that goes along with the Frozen 2 themed box. Honestly, it's been some time since I was exposed to a larger POP, or at least, a larger box. Honestly, it's a nice change. Nothing too grand from a normal version, but it's different enough. But as I always say, it's never about the box, is it?

Now, this is wave 2 of the Frozen 2 POPs and the four that are on the list, let me give you a guess which one will be in my possession! If one guessed Snow Queen Elsa, then one guessed right, that's for sure. Though that Queen Anna is tempting.

POPs like Elsa riding her Nokk really makes me appreciate #Funko and all their efforts. And, no, it's not because they dish out Frozen related stuff, it's because they have ventured out outside their roots--into territory that is just downright amazing and unique. But they never really steered too far away from what they made their brand the iconic one that it is. Things like the bigger POPs, Movie Moments, and with Elsa here, the Rider Series, one can still recognize Funko POP quite easily.

Clearly this a moment in the movie so the way Elsa looks represents the said moment (this could easily have been a movie moment, honestly). Right off the get-go, this is definitely "Dark Sea Elsa", and I love how consistent they are with both movie accuracy and just how similar it is with their single POP version of this outfit.

The Nokk is also well done--though definitely a bit toned down from its single version. I don't have that POP, but it definitely has more defined features as a single POP. Also, as a POP within the 'Rider Series', the Nokk got more of the stylized version with its head bigger, legs and body smaller, and it definitely looks a bit more cartoony. Considering how Elsa on it, I think modifying the Nokk to make it fit the aesthetics was definitely the right move.

The pose is pretty dynamic for the two. I like how Elsa's ponytail is flowing in the wind as the Nokk takes her through the Dark Sea.

The colors aren't as executed as well as it could be in terms of making the Nokk look like water, or even using transitional shading. But it's what I expected from the Funko brand and it's really not that bad.

The little detail on the Nokk's mane is nicely done. Elsa's ice reign also looks pretty good and does a good enough job making it look like a magical construct.

Needless to say, I adore this one!

And here is Elsa w/ Nokk next to some of her Frozen 2 Funko POP counterparts: Elsa Frozen 2 and Dark Sea Elsa. I do adore the consistency!

All in all, I adore this POP a LOT. A wonderful addition to my growing Elsa POP and probably the most unique one of all. Of course, I can't do anything but recommend her for both bias reasons and that it's executed rather well. Can't wait to see the Snow Queen Elsa when it comes out! Now if only a POP version of Winter Elsa (Olaf's Frozen Adventure) would just be released.

Until Next Time!

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