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Funko POP: Elsa (Dark Sea)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Yes, another Elsa POP! Get used to it for the time being. And it's called "Dark Sea" because it's her outfit she has on while trying to cross the Dark Sea. It's a placeholder name so we'll go with that. Without further adieu, let's get right into it!

This #POP is a Walmart exclusive; and as I already posted previously, Elsa (and Anna) are getting so much exclusive/variant love that it's kind of painful to the wallet. And yes, I'm getting all of them. The Walmart version is the one I wanted the most out of all the exclusives because... well, the "Dark Sea" Elsa shows the Snow Queen in a bit of a 'stripped version'... away from her fancy clothing and totally ready to take on the strength of the Sea. It's definitely a journey for Elsa in more ways than one. The cool thing about it is that this 'dress' is something Elsa was wearing underneath her default Frozen 2 outfit. It also looks like it's... iced on her? If that makes any sense.

I do like the side art. It has that enchanted forest in the background and it works well with Elsa's "I'm ready to get my feet dirty" look.

Again, it's a pretty solid set. I have every bit of an inkling that after the movie we are going to have another wave. And more Elsa.

During the first initial teaser of Frozen 2, this dress was quiet in the spotlight! At first glance during said teaser, it was hard to really get a full grasp on how detailed this dress is. Because of the darker environment, all I could really see was the ice-like way it clings on to Elsa's body, the fact that it had some glittering effects, and the snowflake insignia on her left hip. As official images started popping up, the details started to really flood through. Her pants and the top are actually vastly different in their shade of blue and there are other small insignia details on her wrists. While definitely stripped of the fancy-ness of Elsa's usual attire, it's still clings on to her every character. It truly is Elsa ready to kick some butt. The #POP definitely got the details as much as it can. I love how the lower part of her 'dress' has the flowing effect, which gives the figure some good depth.

Posture-wise, she isn't doing anything too dynamic but it does mirror the committed and headstrong posture that Elsa was giving during the Dark Sea scene. I can't complain about it. The hair, which is the first time we see Elsa with a ponytail... it's rather nice!

My only complaint about the color is how muted the blue is on the top, though that is part of her aesthetics in the movie. The fading effect from the top to the hem of her 'skirt' and arms is done well. Again, another #Funko quality.

Here is "Dark Sea" Elsa next to her standard Frozen 2 POP. Again, both are very neutral, but nothing to complain about. I'm glad how the Dark Sea Elsa has more of a consistent and less flawed pain job compared to the other one. Glad to have both though.

Again, this, weirdly enough, is one of my favorite look for Elsa so far in Frozen 2. That's me saying it without seeing the movie. We'll see how it goes when I actually see the movie. But all in all, having her POPs is a great thing for my collection! More to come in the next few days!

Until Next Time!

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