• Onyx

Frozen 2 Teaser Analysis

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As one can imagine, the arrival of #Frozen_2's trailer is more than exhilarating for me. I've been waiting for this damn thing for a while now here it is. There was a time I was very ambivalent about the coming of a sequel to one of Disney's most powerful franchise. But the shorts, especially Olaf's adventure won me over. The idea of a higher quality Frozen movie and the notion of exploring Elsa's emotions outside of freaking out and acting like 'leave me alone' type definitely intrigued me. That and I want to see them explore her powers beyond what has been shown in the original Frozen movie. The Frozen shorts, Frozen Fever and Frozen: Olaf's Winter Adventure showed morsels of her powers here and there but nothing grand. The teaser trailer, however, does a few things that I always pictured Elsa of being able to do. SO.... I want to explore this.

(All of these screenshots are taken from the trailer above. Credit to Walt Disney Studios)

As a disclaimer, you know, half of these things could very well NOT show up in the movie.

The teaser starts with Elsa--rightfully so--as she is standing in front of the vast ocean with a determined and confident look. I see it play out as three ways:

  • Elsa is stuck on this island, trying to find a way out.

  • Elsa is testing out her powers--or trying to relearn them, or something of the sort. Or maybe prepping them, making sure she's up to par.

  • This is just Walt Disney trying to wind up the hype by showing Elsa use her powers in a level we have yet to really see before.

The likelihood of any of my predictions are as good as any others'; least the ones not involved with the movie, but let's explore! The first bullet point.... well, it seems that they are on a journey of some sort. Maybe she ended up stranded in an island for some odd reason? Second thought I put in, well, by the end of Frozen we're under the impression that she still hasn't FULLY grasped her powers but she's on to a great start with her emotions in the right place. We see minor things in the Frozen shorts. We also see that when she's discombobulated, her powers do odd things that are out of her control (sneezing snowgies). Elsa testing her powers could be Elsa's way of seeing if her powers can take on the ocean; the element that took her parents away. The third point.... well, Disney does it all the time with their Marvel previews. I wouldn't be surprised if its a misdirection of some sort.

When I first saw that leaked photo from THE CALENDAR, I thought that the dress isn't as complex or fancy as her previous ones. Seems I was wrong since said dress has a few intricacy on its own. Look at the details on the back with the snowflake and the likes. Still very Elsa-like.

Underneath her .... jacket(?) is a very familiar clothing. Not going to go into that but Elsa ending her braid only to put it back to a pony tail? A good friend of mine, Evil-is-Relative, asked a GREAT question in her tumblr. Elsa letting her hair go? Might I add that Elsa is a bit in shape for a Queen? Running, climbing rocks, swimming, and the whole thing and all the while she's using ice powers?