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POP: Ariel (Box Lunch Exclusive)

Finally, a #POP from The Little Mermaid is part of my world! Believe it or not, as much as I love #Disney, I barely have any #POPs outside of Elsa. I don't know why it took me so long to do this but here we are! Let's get right into the review!

Box Lunch Exclusive

Other than the Mickey Mouse shorts or Disney Christmas short movies, The Little Mermaid, I would have to say, is my first Disney Movie. It's definitely my first introduction to the Disney Princesses line up, that's for sure. Needless to say, she took my breath away. Jodi Benson's voice as both the singing and the voice of Ariel was just perfect. I loved Ariel and that carried over for a few years. Clearly Elsa has taken over that mantle. but even without Elsa, Ariel is... MUCH MUCH younger so with these characters being 'timeless', Ariel didn't grow with me. We definitely grew apart. But that doesn't mean I stopped being a fan of Ariel and her journey.

I love that classic artwork of Ariel's kingdom under the sea. Nostalgia for sure!

I'm probably more than confident that I will buy another Ariel POP one day. I definitely want her in her Mermaid form. Probably one of Ursula too. We'll see.

This look for Ariel is literally right after she was given human legs and Scuttle, Sebastian, and Flounder decided to spruce her up before meeting Prince Eric. How do they do that? Some old sail from a ship wreck and rope. Oooh-la-la, I say! Again, it's not a classic Ariel look, but it is one of her looks from the original movie. I think the moment was pretty funny and in some way, it was the first time that Ariel and Eric really interacted. The POP version really got it right, even to Ariel's attempt to stand sexy and approachable. Since it was the first time she got her land legs.... she's rather awkward. But again, I love how the pose was replicated. The sculpt of the 'dress' is done quite nice with all the loose material and the rope snug to hold the makeshift dress on. Ariel's haiir also has that 'land' look to it, which was always nice to see the two contrasting 'persona' of Ariel. Funny how she was mute for a good section of the second act!

The hair is... well, it's okay. Not as dynamic or as sculpted and I have seen a few POPs done better but it's not bad. The gap between her bangs and the rest of Ariel's hair is rather obvious though.

The highlight is definitely Ariel's hair! Color-wise, that is. It’s definitely accurate to the Little Mermaid’s hair color. Ariel's skin is colored quite well and the 'dress' is an off white color which really does fit the animated movie. I can't complain I actually think it's done quite well.

I highly recommend this #POP Ariel. Not my favorite look for her, but again it's a look in a pretty monumental moment within the movie. I am definitely going to find a POP with Ariel in her Mermaid form--and maybe her other outfits. Ariel is, after all, the first Elsa for me. Though I'm not sure I'll go that crazy! Still, if this one is my only POP of Ariel, it's not a bad one to have! So, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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