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Funko POP: Moana (Disney Princess)

Another #POP on the way! This time, Moana joins the fray to add another number to my ever growing Funko POP collection! Going to be a lot of Disney coming up so just be ready! So, let's get right on the review, shall we?

Moana is a pretty darn good movie. I loved the humor, the songs, The Rock hardly ever fails to entertain, and, of course, the animation was quite amazing. The songs were also good and it told a good story. With that said, this is the first Moana merchandise in my possession in terms of collectible (don't think I have a Disney pin). And while I don't find myself gathering more Moana merchandise any time soon, I do want to have at least one in my possession since she is a Disney Princess I do adore very much! So here we are with Moana of Motunui!

Spoiler! I'm on a Disney Princess hunt for POPs! So... might see some of the POPs here on a future review.

So Moana's design is tied to her cultural origins. I'm not going to pretend I know her culture well or anything, but from this stand point, it looks fitting. It's a neat design and Moana slightly digresses from the familiar-usual form of a Disney Princess with her stature and all that. She's still got a colorful dress that signifies 'rank' in her tribe, but isn't so much of a Disney Princess Dress archetype. Looks nice and just like Rapunzel, she chooses not to wear shoes/footwear. Her POP version for this Disney Princess line up is quite nice. It pays respect to her character design and the posture is definitely well into a scene from the movie. Also, as the first I am reviewing from this line, Funko has taken great step to include things like 'pet-sidekick and other items/moments from their respected movie. For this case, it's the water, the seashell, and Heihei.

Water, seashell, and chicken (Heihei)! Perfect!

Colors are done quite well, truth to be told. No complaints. It definitely has the essence of the movie which was vibrant and expressive.

Here's POP Moana next to POP Elsa (Dark Sea) and POP Raya. Three out of the five from the 3D era of Disney Princesses.

So the Disney Princess line up is turning out to be pretty good. I can't complain especially if we are starting it off with Moana. She looks like Moana in every way possible and just about everything else is well done. Let's see how the others line up, shall we? But that's for another post.

Until Next Time!

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