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Funko POP: Raya

Here's another #POP from Disney that I got a few weeks ago. Just getting to posting it now though. Well, no further delay needed! Let's get on the review of POP Raya!

I want to watch Raya and the Last Dragon eventually. Looks really good to be honest! Disney aesthetics area always in good quality in my eyes and this has Frozen and Moana all over it! From the looks of the trailer, the action looks to be on point and there's plenty of Disney fun to go along with that high-pace vibe. I don't think there are going to be traditional music and singing, which, I think Disney does well with musicals. But we'll see. Wreck-it-Ralph wasn't your standard Disney movies and it's one of my favorites. When I get around to watching it, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it.

I do like the other variant of Raya. Also, Sisu looks pretty cool. She's also been part of the "Ship-to-Elsa" fandom. Strange, but I shouldn't be surprised.

Raya's design is a bit more on the eastern side and if anyone is familiar with my tastes, her aesthetics definitely go in line with my likes! There are small details with her outfit that if magnified, definitely shows some care with her character design. She's subtle but still filled with zest. Also, she has a sword that has multiple functions other than hacking and slashing! I also like her hat that goes quite well with her cape/cloak. Really, she has a nice look to her! For her #POP version, Funko made sure that most, if not all of that stays true. There are a lot of fine details within this POP that is definitely well appreciated. There's some dynamic to her pose but not a whole lot to take away from the overall look of the POP. Also, there's a nice little expression written upon her! I adore this POP, for sure!

Love the design of her sword!

Just look at the small details placed on Raya's design! Just that hat alone has a lot of sculpting that shouldn't be taken for granted! I definitely can appreciate all the little things given with this POP!

Raya's color is very earthly but with a bit of robust shade to make certain parts stand out. All of that still remains with her POP form and it's something I can really appreciate! Even the hem of her cape has the intricate designs; nothing short handed for sure. Every plastic and painting plays off each other to give an accurate and pleasing look for Raya!

Here she is next to POP Frozen 2 Elsa. Shame I don't have Moana to compare. Might get her. I eventually want to start a Disney Princess collection.

So, all in all, it's a simple POP, but simplicity is a genius in this case because Raya POP delivered! This definitely puts my excitement for the movie slightly higher--even if it's for the fact that I get to see up close some of the details and fine lining that was given to Raya's design. I recommend her, for sure!

Until Next Time!

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