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Funko POP: Pocahontas (Disney Princess)

Disney Princess line up coming up! This time around, we will take a look at the Daughter of Chief Powhatan... the free spirited, wind-singing, Disney Princess!

I remember watching the trailers for Pocahontas when I was young. It was featured in my Lion King VHS tape way back when. At first I was a bit off put because I wasn't sure if I wanted to be into another love story-based Disney movie. Some odd years later when I watched it, I found it to be okay. Nowadays, I appreciate it for what it is and Pocahontas as Disney Princess is actually not so bad despite her being an original character rather than the actual historical figure. And I do like her design--she's got this 'sexy' look to her but still keeping conservative (kind of) within Disney's standpoint. Really she's an underrated Disney Princess from my point of view, anyways.

Again, collecting some of these POPs for sure!

Pocahontas has a pretty simple design all things considered. And while she maintains more clothing than one would imagine, she's till one of these Princesses that definitely stirs and catches a lot of eyes because of. She's also got one of the best songs and the artistic display of 2D animation during "Colors of the Wind" was fantastic. Needless to say, she's one of the 2D Princess that I do adore (more so in latter years than her initial introduction) and having a #POP of her is definitely a must at one point. The pose is fitting, the signature wind all around her is done quite nicely, and even if they couldn't put as much sculpt into the hair, at least it tried to pay homage to Pocahontas' magical hair that rides the wind like there is no tomorrow. Also, as a common theme with these Disney Princess POP figures, Pocahontas comes with Meeko and Flit--her animal sidekicks.

Magical colorful wind--Check! Hummingbird sidekick--check! Mischievous comedy relief raccoon--aslo check!

I already mentioned how the choice for the pose is fitting. The added animals is also done well but what really makes her pop out is the colorful and vibrant purple wind--complete with leaves that signifies some kind of tangible form for the viewers. Making the tree light blue is also a good choice to make her stand out. The color palettes mix in quite well and it makes Pocahontas stand out with the lively colors of Meeko, Flit, the wind, and the wood.

Here is POP Pocahontas next to POP Moana and POP Raya. The colored Princesses of Disney (there's others, I know but these are the ones I have). Quite a good line up even if Pocahontas is the odd girl out from the three (she's the only 2D, duh!).

Like I said, I'll be reviewing Disney Princesses in the next few in their POP forms. I know, it's about time. And while I don't see myself getting every Disney Princess, I know I will get certain ones that resonate with me. But even without the collecting habit, on her own, POP Pocahontas has her merit. The overall set up is done nice and the colors really play well with each other. Something most people can really appreciate!

Until Next Time!

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