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Bishoujo: Female Commander Shepart (2.0)

Updated: May 5, 2019

Another 2.0 review for a #Bishoujo statue and this lovely gem, the famous Commander Jane Shepard, got the Kotobukiya treatment and I couldn't be any more happier when she was first announced. With that said, I've had this beauty for a long time so I don't have her box handy (somewhere in my box storage). I will try and see how old photos can do this review justice, but, gotta do something! Without further adieu, let's get right on to the review of this lovely Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue!

Unlike the Tali'Zorah Bishoujo, I don't have very good pictures taken of Jane Shepard's box in my old blog. I also don't have access to her box at the given moment so this will be focusing solely on her and nothing else, which is just fine. Commander Jane Shepard is an amazing Bishoujo statue for a plethora of reasons. First and foremost, there is the sculpting which is done with amazing detail! Just like Tali, this bishoujo statue is hard to sell of sex appeal from face value; now me saying that doesn't mean that there isn't any of that. Obviously it's a Bishoujo statue so sex appeal and fan service is going to be a must. What I mean is that Jane Shepard does not depend on exposed skin or too much feminine quality about her. In fact, Shepard is decked out in full armor that other than her face, not much can be seen in terms of skin. But where Kotobukiya does well is capturing the rivets, the hard edges, the panels, the bulkiness, and just the overall looks of Sheaprd's iconic N7 armor. Were there are metal plating its' easy to tell, where there are leather(me thinks) between the armor platings Kotobukiya gives that illusion, and then of course there are sculpted straps that connects the armor to her and just above every small details that are mostly present in Shepard's in-game appearance that Kotobukiya made sure it transfers in PVC statue form. Though her face is not the most attracting one that Bishoujo has ever produced but it's more than adequate. I still appreciate it.

The pose itself that they chose for Jane Shepard isn't anything extravagant but it has a fine balance to give sex appeal and keep Shepard's badassery in show. Besides, it gives the chance to show off the Omnitool. Oh, and a strange thing I found out (or remembered) while I was reviewing her again: her head moves. She has articulation on her head: some tilting and head turn from side to side. It doesn't do a WHOLE lot but it can offer some small changes to how one can pose Jane.

And of course, the paint job is something to admire. There are different shades of black and grey all throughout the statue that gives her enough depth. The armor platings have metallic shine to them while the non metal areas are flat colored. The red and white stripe on her right arm is clean as well as the N7 logo. Her face and hair is done decently but nothing compared to other Bishoujos I own and have seen.

At the moment, Jane Shepard has the renegade emblem underneath her transparent stand. If I have found the box for her, I would be able to show off the other display options that she has. But since I can't, I'll just let official promotional images do the trick:

As you can see, she has a Paragon swap out for the base and she has a rifle to replace the omniblade arm. I opted for the omniblade over the rifle because Tali has a rifle already--or a shotgun. Not sure if I will ever swap Shepard's arm out when I find the box but we'll see. I'll definitely keep the Renegade since that was always the Shepard I played.

While Kotobukiya are doing remakes of characters that they have already given a Bishoujo treatment in the past, it doesn't say that the past statues are bad. Jane Shepard and Tali'Zorah are examples of that. There are still a lot of care and attention placed in the older statues that is still consistent even til today. What Kotobukiya has done is refined their skill, which, just showing off these older statues, they weren't that bad at all to begin with. Will Jane Shepard ever get a remake? That depends on the franchise and if Bioware can uplift it after Andromeda. If they can't, least we have these awesome statues to go by. I highly recommend getting Jane Shepard. She is far from a disappointment and she looks pretty good in my Mass Effect shelf.

Until Next Time!

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