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Bishoujo (News): Kotoexpo_1 2020

#KotoExpo came for Summer 2020! Of course, much like everything else, this event was streamed but that hardly takes anything away from the fantastic #Bishoujo products that were presented. I will, obviously, just be going over Bishoujo things and will be highlighting the things I want. So, let's just jump right into it, eh?

Let's start off with Sunset Shimmer, a #MLP that was already announced some time back. The prototype is now fully sculpted and fully painted and she looks amazing. I'll be honest, I thought I was done with the MLP after the Mane Six (still waiting on Rarity, Rainbowdash, and Applejack, of course) but Sunset looks amazing! I...will probably cave. Now the variants that we are getting of the MLP Bishoujos are a bit off-putting for me. I mean, they look good but they are released so soon after the originals that I feel like some of these paint job should have transferred over. But honestly, I adore the 'vanilla versions' I have and will be getting. So it's not going to be a hard task to pass up on these "special editions". Though, honestly, Rarity and Pinkie Pie would fit so well within the glitter-y and special versions. Oh well! I'll look at them and hopfully will find a good reviewer to talk about them.

Okay, speaking of trying to quite... I might just cave in for the Princess! Correction, I WILL cave for these gals. Seriously. As always, Shunya Yamashita does an amazing job! I have no doubt that these things are going to translate well into plastic!

Now, moving away from MLP, let's get into #DC. And wow they hit with a serious punch showing off a fully sculpted and painted prototype! Again, Mera was shown before through silhouette but now... woo! Man. Seriously. 80% sure I'm going to be getting her! Running out of room though, but hey! She looks amazing!

Speaking of silhouette..... Hmmmm. Interested! Stargirl is a cutie and I can already see just how detailed her star spear(?) is!

And above is the stream of Part I of #KotoExpo. Got all the stuff I talked about and more. Again, not everything is Bishoujo and there are some cool things in there that certainly caught my interest!

Well, that's about it for part I! Next week they'll be talking about Marvel and Star Wars. Very excited to see what they are going to be revealing on the Marvel side. I know they'll most likely show off Black Cat. Spider-Woman, please?

Until Next Time!

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