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Bishoujo: Starscream & Horror (News)

#Bishoujo is announcing some stuff. And with Anime Expo, I should've kept an eye out for the announcement. But as shown above, variants of Bishoujo Optimus/Nemesis Prime Variant and Bishoujo Morrigan/Lilith Variant popping out. Probably a pass for me but just putting it out there! With that said, let's see what Kotobukiya has in mind for the future!

Horror! Sadako! Gal from "The Ring". I'm interested in how that creepy gal is going to get the Bishoujo treatment. Consider me interested!

Not really a Witcher fan but I do like the designs. Probably a pass but I am more than willing to advertise for this upcoming release.

Now the Transformers had been an easy look and pass for me. I was interested in Megatron at one point but decided to let it go. But Starscream looks adorable! Like, full-on adorableness! I just might! Look at that outfit!

There's also "King Starscream" variant too so there's that. A pass for sure.

Well, that's it so far. Do check out Kotobukiya's Official Twitter page for more updates. I'll try to keep up but definitely thinking of pulling the trigger for Starscream and very curious about Sadako. We'll see.

Until Next Time!

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