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Bishoujo: Morrigan Aensland

Updated: Jul 31

A #Bishoujo in the mix! Yes, that's right! We got ourselves a Bishoujo--none other than Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers, no less. Been wanting this beauty for a bit and I'm glad to have her! Without further adieu, let's get into the review, shall we?

I will always enjoy Bishoujo's box design and themes. They really play off the character's/the series' vibe. Morrigan's box is no exception. Definitely looks and feels like Darkstalkers merch. Also, the promotional shots with some awesome placing definitely highlight the figure's appeal. Then, of course, the sneak peek of Bishoujo Felicia!

Dare I mention that Shunya Yamashita's art is amazing? We all know that, of course!

The base, at first glance, isn't anything to write home about. But the closer I look at it, the more I appreciate what they are trying to do! I adore it. Not grand but not plain either. I think it fits. Looks like a celestial ground or some kind of homage to a Darkstalkers stage. Maybe Morrigan's?

Let's talk about the beauty herself! I'm going to talk about her posture first. It is 100% Morrigan vibes. Morrigan is a confident sexual creature. She feeds on lust and uses sexuality against and for her prey/opponents. Morrigan is, by all means, all about the attention she gets. A provocative, dangerous, and unforgiving creature of the night. This pose is every bit of the sexuality I mentioned while hinting at how lethal she is through the confidence oozing out of her posture. Definitely, a strut only a personality like Morrigan can pull off!

There is always plenty to talk about in regard to the sculpting work when Kotobukiya puts out a Bishoujo. Let's talk about her hair! With Bishoujo not as common on my catch, I grow to appreciate the work placed on it. The 'strands', the flowing movement, and the organic look. And while Morrigan's outfit doesn't have a lot of loose material, the fur all about her shoulders and breast are done quite well! Every strand is given some care with the line work, which again plays off the natural look. Her top, leggings, and boots, while not as intricate, still got the attention needed. Wrinkles peppered where her body and limb contorts, which once again gives the overall outfit depth where it is needed.

The wings for sure got some attention. It might not be as obvious at first, but some sculpting and care were applied to ensure it looks accurate as it can be--I appreciate the texture given to the wings, allowing it to shy away from looking plain and dull. It goes for both pair of wings, one on her head and the other on her back.

Again, I have to admire the hair. The strands are done quite well! Also, the posture of her wings.

Before we go to the coloring, one just has to admire the different tones on Ms. Aensland's hair. Bishoujo is well known for how awesome they do hair!

If we are to talk about the paint job, it's a well-known fact that it's definitely a signature of Kotobukiya to perform in this department. I already mentioned the hair and how at first glance, one can't see the different tones to make her unique green hair pop. Seriously, pictures don't really do this justice. The skin tone, while funny enough, Morrigan ain't showing much (though what is shown, many can say is enough), the skin is a nice contrast. Well-picked color and a few pink shading to give the skin a few shading in the right areas. Her outfit, is of course, also given the same love. The wings have different shades inside and it's all done well with the subtlety of the dark red fading in with the shiny black color. The texture, of course, compliments together. The boots, the leotard, no complaints. The leggings, with the shadings and the well-drawn and placed bat, also impress. Even her fur--(shawl?), is also a thing of beauty. While I did complain about the base initially, however, the more I looked at it with the actual statue, the more I really adore it. It fits with the color along with the sculpting work done.

That walk is just full of sex appeal. She's gonna do some serious damage for sure...

And that is a good angle, isn't it?

Speaking of good angle... peaches, it's quite good. The work on the wings all the way to Morrigan's shoulder blades is something to appreciate for sure.

Another good angle to look at, right? Different ways to appreciate the work done on her for sure. The paint on the face for her eyes, eye shadowing, lipstick, and mouth are something to admire for sure.

Here is Bishoujo Morrigan Aensland next to Bishoujo Battle Dress Chun Li. The height is a bit off, but that's okay. They look good together. No, I don't have classic Chun Li, but that doesn't matter.

I'm definitely going to promote this. I am a fan of Morrigan Aensland and I wanted a legitimate merch and this one definitely is the proper representative of Dark Stalker's resident succubus. I'm very happy to have her and with Bishoujos rare in my catch these days so having one to review is something I can appreciate. So seriously, if it's in your budget and you love Bishoujos and Morrigan, get her. She's got some pros and cons, but the latter I didn't even mention cause it's not even worth talking about.

Until Next Time!

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