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Bishoujo: Twilight and Catwoman

My #Bishoujo from 2018 was pretty quiet in comparison to my Marvel Legends or my other collection. Probably because Kotobukiya didn't release as much characters as I liked and consider as something fitting in my collection. Though last year I had mentioned that I had a few PREORDERED and waiting to hit my bank account. Well, Kotobukiya decided to release a new Catwoman Bishoujo and I can't be anymore excited. The first one is selling for an arm and a leg so I'll pass. This one just looks better in terms of pose, details, and just the overall ambiance of her. Definitely have to get this beauty.

I have been talking about the MLP Bishoujos for some time. In fact, surprisingly, Pinky Pie was the first to be announced, sculpted, and released for preorder, which I obviously have pending. I don't know why but at some point in my fandom, I developed a "liking" to the generation 4 MLP. Of course, the reboot is supposedly well on its way, which is why I have a feeling Hasbro went ahead with the Mane 5 being Bishoujo-fied--as a legacy. Kind of like a good bye homage and, in a way, to please and give fan service to the unexpected demographic that they pulled: the male fans, aka BRONIES. Personality, theme, or whatever it is that drew me in, MLP G4 drew me in and when I heard and saw that Kotobukiya was going to do a Bishoujo series based on the "Mane 5", I was pretty excited. What even got me even more excited is the actual promotional shots of the statues. Again, Pinkie Pie is the first to be released spring this year and although I'm a bit flabbergasted that they picked the party pony and not Twilight Sparkle herself, I am not all too disappointed be cause I happen to like Pinkie Pie and her design is well thought out. Also, I do like the gimmick that there is the human Equestria Gal and the MLP version itself with these Bishoujos. Need I say that there are so much details put into this statue without even me having it in my hand? Then we get the next promotional art of Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle:

And you know what's better than promotional art? ACTUAL PROMOTIONAL SHOT of the statue itself:

Twilight being my favorite for PLENTY of reasons (Voiced by Tara Strong who voices Rikku for anyone who has been living under a rock), I am more than excited for the announcement of the Alicorn Princess! Needless to say, the Bishoujo line is getting my money this year! Pretty exciting! And just by the images of the other Ponies, I know that this series is going to be a must. Now finding space for them is going to be the next thing.

Until Next Time!

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