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Toy News: Preorders

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

If the cover for the post didn't give it away, then I don't know what else to say. YES, this is all about what I have preordered from BigBadToyStore! A place that takes practically a ton of my hard earned money. Without further adieu, let's just jump right into the goodies that I have planned for my #GameRoom!

The Pinkie Pie Bishoujo has been in my sights for some time now along with the other Equestria Girls that are on their way into Bishoujo form. It's only quite recently that she is able to be preordered and of course I jumped into the opportunity to get her. She's coming some time mid year of 2019.

Then there's this beauty from Nier Automata whom I have also had my eyes set on for a LONG time. This is a bit more on the high end and that's basically because I decided to go for the deluxe edition. I mean, how can't I not? It comes with a blindfoldless face, Pod, a shirtless lower half.... yeah, just had to go that route for sure.

Would have been a bit more suitable if Kara is chained up, but hey! This statue looks nice and it shows Supergirl in the outfit I like the most. Supposedly coming this month.

As if #Marvel_Legends wasn't taking enough of my money! Here we are with the Archangel action figure that is too hard to pass up. Announced at SDCC 2018, this guy comes with a piece for the Apocalypse BAF. He's actually waiting to ship!

And what are preorders without a little bit of #POPs in there? This guy is not coming alone but I figure I best show off Venom. Who are the others? Guess it's a surprise.

Widowmaker was my first introduction to Overwatch. Have to admit that Sombra is now my favorite, but can't help but wanting this one on my shelf. D.Va came to my attention as a character a LONG time ago and how can I not adore her? In fact, so much of Overwatch's characters are interesting both in visuals and concepts. I swear, I'm going to make sure that Tracer is not going to be alone here. BUT PLEASE, RELEASE SOMBRA! Love me some #Figma though so good action figures are always a must.

This is a wonderful and unique statue. I'm still on the fence about it since I'm not 100% sure if this statue is flat or it is actually a standard statue. Guess I'll keep pondering. Still, if it get added to my collection she does look nice.

First introduced to me through SDCC 2018, I was excited to see Xenogears make its come back through action figure form. Leading the fray, Fei, Elly, and Weltall are coming to #BringArts. I have to say that this toy line is new but they have a lot going for them. YoRHa Unit 2B may have its issues, but she was a pretty nifty intro to what Square is trying to do with their action figure line up. Here's to hoping that we see Final Fantasy characters BEYOND the atrocious decision of making FFIX characters first.

Oh man! This action figure scares me! I don't have any of the other characters from this line but since its initial introduction to me, I knew I HAD to have this Psylocke in my collection. Here's to hoping I can actually make use of EVERY EFF-ing joints given to me!

Speaking of more Bring Arts, here we are with the other Nier Automata characters that deserves action figure forms. I think they may have given these two more care than 2B since 9S and A2 get a ton more accessories than 2B. Alternate bodies for "self destruct mode", more weapon, and damn, just a whole lot more accessories. I'm hoping that this is an indication that 2B might get some additional release for some accessories down the road. I'm not much for double dipping, but characters I really adore do get more of my attention and money. Sadly (and fortunately), these are not released at the same time.

I liked Ninja Batman. The OVER the TOP anime vibe fits well in the Batman lore if given enough wiggle room. The designs were something I enjoyed and Catwoman was no exception. I am getting her, for sure, and when they Release Harley (I'm sure they will), I'm going to have to get her too!


Whoa! That's a LONG line up. They all range from this month to next year so I'm going to have to have no shortage in action figure delivery. With this much stuff, I'm really thinking of, hard on being VERY picky with my Marvel Legends. After all, so much room and so much funds can be given here. At any rate, this is all from BBTS, so for those interested, check out their website. BigBadToyStore has always been good to me and their customer service is wonderful. A good number of my preorders are through them so check them out. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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