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Bishoujo: Wolverine/X-23 (News)

Well! Here's a new #Bishoujo coming in the future! I liked Laura Kinney as Wolverine but she didn't really get her full time to shine--though if I was to be honest, her "X-Force" Wolverine outfit was much better, though a gal in tights is always something I'm going to adore. But do I adore it enough to get a Bishoujo of her? Well, I don't know. She's tempting that's for sure! But aren't #Kotobukiya's statues usually are? The pose is kind of odd from this angle but it's very dynamic. I love the alternate maskless-face it offers and the base is kind of unique. TEMPTED. Not sure if I am going to bite. Besides, there are other Bishoujos that are a must and are tempting that are coming in the near(far) future. Definitely will keep an eye on her and we'll see if her price is a deal breaker or not. They're not getting any cheaper, after all.

Until Next Time!

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