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Bishoujo: Celestia & Morrigan (News)

Man, she's gorgeous! I already knew that she was going to come out amazing but to actually see the prototype, well, it's even more of a beautiful thing!

Comparing her next to her Pony self looks pretty darn good too just from these promotional images! Amazing how MLP #Bishoujo went with the route of having the human and pony and I won't try to say that I undnerstad, but I do kind of see why. Guess we'll see how much I'll really 'understand'; still on the fence about getting the Princesses. Tempting, of course. Can one blame me?

Here she is next to Bishoujo Luna! I'm sure we'll see more of her through the next few months.

And then we have Morrigan Aesland herself! The main squeeze from the Darkstalkers series! So glad Kotobukiya gave her a Bishoujo form! She's a must for me, that much is certain. And looking at her pose, her very eye catching curves, the expression, and just about every thing with this prototype, I feel like I'm going to be loving this statue far more than I know. Will be watching her progress as well.

Now it's just a matter of waiting. Again, will probably post more about these gals so just keep an eye out!

Until Next Time!

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