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Bring Arts: YoRHa Unit 2B (Preorder)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

If there is another figure I am terribly excited for this year, it's going to be YoRHa Unit 2B from the amazing Nier Automata game! For those who still haven't gotten a hold of this amazingly awesome and twisted game, please jump on board and try it! I'm probably going to try and get another play through with Automata just to:

  • Try and get late review

  • Get lost in its amazing and heart wrenching story

  • Play as 2B

  • Play as 2B in Kaime's outfit

  • Get my damn platinum

Just check this trailer of Nier: Automata out!

Anyways, back to the figure. This figure is 'technically' called "Bring Arts", which confuses me a little bit. It looks like a Playarts Kai, so I'll just dub it that for now. At any rate, YoRHa Unit 2B is available in BigBadToystore and other places. I have mine ready and waiting! Definitely a year for some awesome figures!

Until Next Time!

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