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Captain Marvel: out of FRAME

There is a lot of controversy going on with Captain Marvel's entrance within the #MCU. Truthfully it's a lot of politics that I personally like diving into with my blog because Masterless.Me is all about fun. My FUN and for anyone else who has the same concept/preference as me with their fandom and fetish, this is the place. This is me sharing. So to get into the politics of Brie Larson, Rotten Tomatoes, and every YouTubers who vlog about the drama (whether they are for or against Captain Marvel) would really just sour the idea of this blog. But I can't help but admit that it has gotten out of hand... truly.

I almost caved in again and almost posted another comment on a YouTuber who is obviously "TOO MUCH ON ONE SIDE" of the spectrum.

Then I found the video above by Foundation for Economic Education about the heroism, or lack of it, of Captain Marvel in the comics. In my opinion, this should be the area of argument and debate with Captain Marvel's pushed role in the MCU. At any rate, check it out. It's a pretty good video.

Until Next Time!

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