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Cinematics: Moon Knight (Disney+)

Okay. Here we go. Moon Knight.

Been waiting for this one because I do have some hidden love for Moon Knight--the often called "Batman copycat" of Marvel.

The trailer looks good even if I'm not fully into the whole 'transforming' into Moon Knight sequence since I love the idea that he was like Batman--suit, hi-tech gears, and all but with the supernatural Egyptian God twist. The all white costume and the take no prisoners method... yeah, we'll see where this goes. All in all, here's another obscure character joining the fray! And here's to hoping....

Werewolf by Night

Why am I so interested in a Lycanthrope duking it out with Moon Knight (other than the idea of a full moon beat down)? Well!

Okay we all know it's not gonna happen, but come on now! I can dream! Anyways, Moon Knight in March!

Until Next Time!

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