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Cinematics: Spider-Woman in MCU?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

So I stumbled over this little tidbit over at ComicBookCast:

Now as you all know, I'm not the biggest fan of the Tom Holland Spider-Boy. While I enjoy the idea that he is part of the #MCU, I hate just how incompetent, how unfunny he is, and just how inferior he is compared to his comic book counter part. I love how snarky and capable he was in the Amazing Spider-Man and I can even say that the previous iteration of Spider-Man with McGuire was even passable. But Tom Holland has a lot of growing to do. What's even more agitating is that if this rumor is true based on the video above, the very first Cinematic Appearance of Jessica Drew could possibly be because of Tom Holland's Spider-Boy and she is not going to have super powers. WHAT?

That means we're not going to get a fantastic banter like the one above any time soon. Instead we are going to get a:

"oh but Mr. Stark... oh did you guys watch that really old movie... oh I am nothing without Stark... oh this... oh that..."

But I am not going to pass the idea that this could lead to wonderful things. The interaction between Spider-boy and MI-6 Jessica Drew could mean that she will be exposed to a variation of his powers and boom, she's Spider-Woman. I am not against that idea, but just against the theme that it's because of Spider-boy that we get a Jessica Drew. But it could also be a rumor all together. Furthermore, Captain Marvel is coming out and it has skrulls! It could possibly mean Jessica Drew's first appearance is within her best friend's movie. But should we introduce Jessica Drew with the skrulls together in their first Cinematic appearance? Yeah I don't know.

Until Next Time!

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