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Cinematics: The DCEU/Worlds of DC

It has been a controversial and divided few years for the #DCEU. I'm not sure if I can say that they are bad as some critics and fans state they are, but I am also willing to say that none of their movies have come close to what Marvel has done, as much as hardcore DC fans claim they are. But honestly, with what Warner Brothers has presented us in SDCC 2018, I think it's safe to say that DC might have hope beyond what Wonder Woman has to offer. Also, with the possible revival of DC with what was revealed, the DCEU brand has been renamed as Worlds of DC. Let's check two of them out.

#SHAZAM! Okay, not a huge fan of Shazam at all (once known as Captain Marvel), but I have to admit, there is something fun about this movie. I think DC is finally taking notes from Marvel, possibly?

#Aquaman? Really? Seriously? Yes, this movie looks pretty darn good as far as trailers go. I'm not going to lie that he was a bit of a dud in Justice League, then again, JLA was a dud in general, but this movie looks reviving. Mera looks alluring as heck too!


While I'm not sure if the Worlds of DC can really make a stand against Marvel with Shazam and Aquaman (and Wonder Woman 84, but I can't make a statement about that since there has been nothing but photos), but let's hope. I'm a Marvel fan all the way, of course, but to have DC just succeed is also a good thing since I'm a lukewarm fan of the franchise. They have good characters like Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern mythos, the Bat family, etc. Again, let's hope!

Until Next Time!

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