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Cinematics: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

That was six years ago. Yes, that's right... Wreck it Ralph, one of my favorite Disney movies from 2012 was SIX years ago. And here we are with the sequel. So what do I have to say about it? WELL.... it definitely was NOT what I expected. There was a bitter-sweet theme about this that really smacked the living daylights out of me because it touched a lot of different facets of my life and the lessons I have learned.

It continues the story of Vanellope and Ralph and where their friendship went after the events of the first movie. Everything was going fine and for the past six years (time flew by the same way as in our world), Ralph and Vanellope build their friendship to they point where they were closer than ever. Then trouble happens and it's time to save Sugar Rush from being unplugged. At one point it truly seemed like it was going to be about just a simple adventure to save Vanellope's world but the question was: how do two unlikely paired best friends save a gaming world from being unplugged forever? Surf the web, that's how! But the adventure to save Vanellope's game became a self discovery about their friendship and how different their ideals were. At first it came out of nowhere, that is, of course, if one missed the few things that Ralph and Vanellope talked about in the beginning of the movie(the very blatant things that Vanellope hinted about), well, the answer won't be flat in the face until a pivotal moment in the movie. And then of course, there was the quote that I don't remember verbatim so I'll just recite the gist of it:

Not trying to break the moment but Gal Gadot working for Disney? That's funny.

"Friendships change. The real ones adapt and get stronger when the inevitable change happens."

Again, that is poking at a few things that really does give more than a few perspective. This hit Vanellope hard and when that 'quote' came in the movie--when this conversation happened, there were already a few moments that really reminded me of a lot of things about my life. Some pretty asinine and atrocious choices made from both Vanellope and Ralph that led to a whole lot of mess; misunderstandings happened and it could have been easily fixed if things were just talked out and if people were just willing to just see the other's point of view, or at the very least, one just drops the nonsense and feel/see/learn what the other has been trying to do and has done. Again, didn't expect it from this movie. It was kind of ironic and funny.

But beyond that, I really liked the movie. It had a lot of funny moments and the fan service thrown I appreciated. And DISNEY PRINCESSES?

Why the hell not? And while Elsa is the one I was looking forward and undoubtedly enjoyed seeing, freaking Ariel and Rapunzel stole some good screen time for me!

Using the Japanese poster because I think it looks cool!

Overall, I like the second movie. It may have not been what I expected, but it definitely is a movie I can say Disney hit out of the park again for me. And OH, no Frozen 2 trailer, just to put it out there! I was kind of expecting it, truth to be told.

On a random note, maybe I'll do an entire post about Ralph and Vanellope, about the first movie, their growth and their friendship and how it translated to a sequel with the message of 'change'. But how good have I been about finishing posts that require a lot of thought?

Until Next Time!

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