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Commission: Akira-jw & Rikku

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here are some oldies from the past! Rikku #commissions from the talented Akira-jw! And hey! Rikku's not in #DiDressphere mode!

Lady Luck is one of my favorite Dresspheres, that's for sure. While its in-game abilities aren't my typical playstyle, the way the three gals acted and moved while wearing said Dressphere is just tantalizing. Of course, Rikku is my favorite one in the bunch! And Akira just nailed it with this #commission. Rikku's expression, her body language, the act of shuffling the cards. She really got what I wanted out flawlessly!

It is no secret that the Berserker Dressphere is one of my favorites for Rikku. This commission, is actually a bit of my fumble since I did not provide the pose reference right off the get-go (I know! Major fumble). This might not be what I had in mind since the original posture was a bit more feral and Berserker-like, this one ended up pretty well. And it's not too far from Rikku's personality in this Dressphere. So, it's still a win.

Any rate!

Until Next Time!

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