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Commission: Eorzean Holiday

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Well! Right before 2021 ends, Llythium-Art pulls off another artwork! This one is, of course, a Holiday special! A gift, more or less, to two very special people who got me into the world of Eorzea--a world/game, might I add, that I enjoy VERY VERY MUCH! This is why I got this #commission done!

And since it's Llyth, I can't go off without a variant. Or two!

Or in this case, four variants! Well, nothing else to really say other than H'naka and Jenn will be making more appearances in my blog along with the Cutest WoL in the First and the Source (Naka already made an appearance not too long ago in a previous comm). But with all that said, Merry Christmas Jenn and H'naka! I appreciate you two so much! And, of course, thank you, and Merry Christmas Llyth!


Until Next Time!

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