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Commission: Have you Seen Sue Storm?

Seriously, has anyone seen her? Well, seems like someone decided to make sure that even (one of) the smartest man in the Marvel Universe will have a hard time finding his darling, Invisible Woman. Notice how said captor took it upon himsel to make sure Sue Storm is comfortable. Can I say that she's having a very distressing moment? Fantastic work by GREAT-DUDE. One of my older #commissions that I still look at fondly.

Of course, since it's GD, there is a variant. One that I didn't ask for but gladly take! This was a gift to one of my good friends, LordDestroXXIV who is a big fan of Sue Storm. I happen to like her as well and I have to agree, she doesn't get enough 'love'. Maybe will change that as time goes by, eh?

Until Next Time!

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