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Commission: Jessica Jones Tied Up on the Job

Updated: May 20, 2019

I didn't mention this before but I started watching the #Marvel Netflix shows. They're pretty good, least the ones I watched. They have their ups and downs--I heard plenty of heat against Iron fist, which is unfortunate because out of all of them, Iron Fist is my favorite comic book character. But that is neither here or now. So here's another #DiD #Commission that is done by the wonderfully talented MilesShendon. I swear, he's one of my personal favorite artists around #DeviantArt.

And what's a commission with Miles without an alternate version? This one has her in a bit of an unfortunate situation. And those ropes are metal. Probably a watered down vibranium since no one else can seem to get full ones. I might make a story about it but all we know is that the private investigator got herself into some sh*t.

Until Next Time!

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